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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Jun 25, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    Our incompetent administration


    Reuters headlines: Questions turn to U.S. competence in Snowden saga.

    "U.S. government officials faced questions about whether they had botched the effort to extradite Snowden from Hong Kong to face charges related to his leak of classified information."

    Actually, they botched much more than that. How in the world could the NSA allow a random employee of a contractor, Booz Allen, who had been on the “job” for only a couple of months, such unfettered and apparently uncharted access to secret materials?

    On Monday, administration officials said they had done all they could to bring Snowden to justice. Chinese defiance, rather than bureaucratic bungling, had allowed the 30-year-old former contractor to slip out of Hong Kong as officials there weighed Washington’s request for extradition, they said.

    Snowden’s exact whereabouts were a mystery on Monday as Russia resisted White House pressure to stop him during his journey to escape U.S. prosecution.

    Add to that Putin’s support for Iran’s nuclear ambitions and his crackdown at home. Putin has launched the most intense and pervasive campaign of political repression since the downfall of the Soviet Union. The Obama “reset” has been a rout for the Russians.

    It turns out that an irresolute amateur like Barack Obama was the best thing that the brutal but determined Putin could have hoped for.

    Reset! Reset! Remember how contemptuous the wet-behind-the-ears Obama and Hillary Clinton, whose only claim to fame was her marriage to Bill, were of the Bush administration’s Russia policy? Putin thinks Obama is an idiot. Can you blame him?

    "Obama first learned that Snowden had turned up in Hong Kong on Sunday, June 9, as he flew back from a weekend of talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping."

    "But Obama does not appear to have played a direct role in trying to get him back."

    There’s a shock! Obama hasn’t played a “direct role” in anything other than an election campaign since he first ran for the Illinois State Senate.

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