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  • kruporama kruporama Aug 14, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    Cash problem

    Looks like SLW is almost all out of cash and they have $1 billion in debt....they better hope metal prices don't take another leg down or another one of their miners they stream from gets into trouble. They seem like they are skating on thin ice with eps down 50% from last year and revs down 17%. With huge debt, virtually no cash, and dwindling eps & revs; they better hope metal prices start to sky rocket by 30% in the next few months...I doubt that happens.

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    • Here is a link to a good article (if you don't trust the link, which I understand, than simply go to Yahoo Finance home page and click on the spot gold price. It is listed there) Most analysts do not believe gold will continue to rally and that it will average around $1,000 an oz. The 12 year precious metals bull run is over people. The US economy is back on track. Enjoy these pops because these prices can drop quick, ie the $100 drop a few months ago:

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      • US economy back on track? God help us all if that's the case! Maybe we'll get another 500,000 part time jobs to even things out huh?

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      • The US economy is about to collapse, Cisco is cutting 4000 high paying jobs, and from the July data 80% of jobs created were part time low paying jobs. The bond market and the stock market are going to melt. The only safe investment are PM. I will bet you that SLW will be worth more than 100 Billion Dollars, when the world finds out the the Fed Reserve has no gold left. The house of cards is coming down in front of our eyes, and the dollar will cease to be the world currency. The good jobs are gone, and we are left with a tsunami wave of debt, and a aging population. Protect your family, and buy gold and silver.

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