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  • Might explain slv s strange wave form . . . Silver analyst Ted Butler had this to say about silver and SLV in his mid-week commentary to his paying subscribers yesterday afternoon: "Through the time of this article, there has been less than a million ounces deposited into the big silver ETF, SLV, this week following the price and trading volume surge last week. As I indicated on Saturday, I think the Trust is owed 10 million ounces or more as a result of last week’s action. In addition to a probable big increase in the short position of SLV, it also points to tightness in the wholesale physical silver market (1,000 troy oz. bars). The single most plausible reason for the silver metal not being deposited into SLV is because it wasn’t available. Even if it comes in after a further delay, that only accentuates the non-availability explanation. After all, a shortage is nothing more than current unavailability for a commodity."

    There was no sales report from the U.S. Mint.

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    • Current unavailability used to be defined as lack of supply for which, higher prices should prevail. The fact that it is being explained as some kind of temp anomoly has Butler sounding more like a bloviating Fed Chairman than an analyst.

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