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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Dec 16, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

    Manipulation: it’s becoming trite

    Every time there is an advance in PM prices as they arrive in the UK and USA markets they are whacked down. This is not the characteristic of a free market. It is the coordinated attack by western central banks, including those in Asia, to suppress them in favor of fiat currencies, except in the case of Asian markets, they are in acquisition mode, while western markets objective is the protection of the fiat money producing cartel.

    So the recommendation here is to discount those with reasonable but optimistic views to what the real price should be, and also to make statements concerning their arrival in the near term. Rather follow the lead of John Paulson’s investments in PM mining companies and ETFs. When they, with their team of analysts, see an opening they are willing to take risks on to make significant investments in what they perceive to be the likelihood of advancing PM prices that will be the straw that breaks the back of the fiat bankster manipulators. You will then have a reasonable chance of success as a longer term investor. Those who visit this message board and continually day trade are never going to see the “forest for the trees” and are more likely to lose money, despite what they might claim to the contrary.

    The object here is to find a true low point where manipulation is no longer viable, which can to some extent be correlated with good chart interpretation of true double bottoms. An increasing pool of successful investors opposed to central bank fiat money makes more likely that a turn-a-round will arrive sooner rather than later. That’s why all should look with more than suspicion at those who try to promote the idea that next week or next month will see the re-arrival of the bull market in PMs.

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    • My SLW investment and physical stack is to me some insurance against my dimenishing buying power on a fixed income of $60 thousand a year thats eroding at a 10% per year clip thanks to the FEDs money printing and policies etc... over the years. Hopeing to maintain a decent standard of living is about it now. Think is about time to label JP Morgan as an ongoing criminal operation seeing they are being investigated now as being tied to Madoff.

    • So, just find what seems to be the bottom and jump in, huh? Bullion, AG or AU, junk silver or issues like SLW?

      Okay boys let's all put our miner's hats on and find that bottom. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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      • Of course. bullion, AU, AG, SLW and junk silver are all related. As previously stated, unless you have the resources of a John Paulson you are outclassed when it comes to analyzing PM markets. What you might do is watch technical charts to see if there is confirmation of a double bottom by, for example, current news that John Paulson dove into them again. Paulson has lost a lot of money in this sector recently, but continues to believe it will recover and trend upwards. That makes sense unless untold millions remain brain-dead and continue to think paper based fiat money and wealth has any lasting value.

        Just don’t get over enthused and expend precious resources before time. The more those who do that the more the likelihood that the fiat money crowd will back themselves into a corner they cannot exit from. That will be more entertaining watching them squirm than the actual positive returns to those who have somewhat accurately picked a price point they won’t have to watch continued price erosion from.

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