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  • okeypoke okeypoke Dec 24, 2013 12:23 AM Flag

    300 Local Gov't Employers Cut Hours, Blame ObamaCare

    More than 300 public sector employers have systematically cut work hours for part-time employees to avoid liability under ObamaCare's employer insurance mandate.

    IBD's list of both public and private-sector employers cutting work hours or staffing levels as a result of the employer mandate now totals 388.

    Among the new additions to the list is Miami-Dade County Public Schools, which will limit part-time workers to 25 hours per week. Penn State University joins a large group of colleges cutting work hours for undergraduate and graduate students to avoid responsibility for paying for their health care.

    The education sector dominates IBD's list, which now includes more than 120 school districts and nearly 100 colleges and universities.

    The relatively small number of private employers on the list doesn't signify much except that businesses tend to be much less transparent about their workforce policies than government bodies.

    IBD has included on the list only those private employers which have openly acknowledged systematically cutting work hours, with the exception of a few cases where employees provided documents verifying the shift.

    Yet, the evidence suggests ObamaCare is having an impact on the workweek in low-wage industries, where the ranks of the uninsured are high.

    Among industry groups where pay averages about $14.50 an hour or less, and which employ 29 million non-supervisors, the workweek sank to a record low of 27.4 hours in July, matching the level seen in July 2009. Meanwhile, the workweek in the rest of the private sector had fully recovered back to its pre-recession level — about an hour longer than in mid-2009.

    Although the Obama administration put the employer mandate penalties on hold for a year in July, work hours for low-wage earners have yet to stage any recovery. That's not a surprise, given that penalties owed in 2015 will be based on employment levels and hours worked starting in mid-2014 at the latest.

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    • Yep. Just as predicted. The ultimate slave master in the White House is going to force employers to extract another whip cracking “pound of flesh” to make up for what they are now mandated to provide under Obamacare. Either that or security will show the way to the exit door street side. It is a brutal world we live in and most company managements have little interest in backing systemic changes that encourage individual responsibility.

      j_mintzmyer is the typical individual with no clue as to what is involved in running a business. Furthermore there could be improvements made without going the European socialist route by forcing more competition in the health insurance market. Currently people are pretty much limited to what is available in the states where they live giving insurers a much narrower number of competitors, thus raising premiums. The fact that employers provide health insurance at all is an outgrowth of the end of WWII when businesses needed to attract new employees. Health insurance was the main attractant, and has led to overuse of healthcare driving up costs. Much of this country’s health problems can be traced to diet promoted by food producers, especially those in the dairy and meat industries. If people took note of this they would be proactive about doing things to keep themselves healthy, which would be encouraged by becoming privately self-insured.

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      • The j_mintzmyer type is deranged and makes up all their "facts". For instance Germany doesn't have single payer. About 10% of Germans are on private insurance plans. And I'm sure he knows absolutely nothing about the "efficiency" of any other country's health care. He just fabricates although he may believe his fabrications.

        I imagine single payer generally is more efficient in the sense of people getting less unnecessary health care, since what people get is limited to what the govt. funds. If you fund less than of course unnecessary health care is reduced. Of course they also get less NECESSARY health care. For example in the UK:

        "A former NHS director died after waiting for nine months for an operation - at her own hospital.
        Margaret Hutchon, a former mayor, had been waiting since last June for a follow-up stomach operation at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex. But her appointments to go under the knife were cancelled four times and she barely regained consciousness after finally having surgery."

    • Your basically a reptile that throws as much mud as you can to see if it will stick. If anyone here does some fact checking on this snake, you'll find that his facts are either skewed or completely false. I hope he convinces Americans that we should have a single-payer (government payer system) as opposed to the exchanges system that only happened because of Lieberman. The Exchange system that was dreamed up by okeypoke's Heritage Foundation and supported by Newt Gingrich, Chuck Grassley and Mitt Romney is not as efficient as the Single Payer system and so I am going to demand a Single Payer system from my representatives if the Repubs and Tea baggers succeed in trashing and destroying the system they conjured up. I will not rest until the old system of letting American families be at the mercy of GREEDY INSURANCE COMPANIES is completely eliminated. Look at Germany or Sweden or many European countries and you will see that their Single Payer system is not only more efficient in terms of cost to citizens (not just tax payers but citizens seeking health insurance) but it is also more effective than the American system at keeping citizens healthy as evident by the higher life expectancy rates and quality of care in those countries. okeypoke may cite the Canadian system as long waits and poor care and that's because the Canadians did not implement a good system. Most European countries did and if he tells me that they didn't, I want statistics from him because I've compiled my own statistics to refute anything he might present here.

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