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  • sharpie3444 sharpie3444 Dec 26, 2013 7:41 AM Flag

    Futures Experation Day

    Is today the day futures expire and must be rolled forward or they will be delivered? Will be looking for a list of dated. . . Expiry (or Expiration in the U.S.) is the time and the day that a particular delivery month of a futures contract stops trading, as well as the final settlement price for that contract. For many equity index and interest rate futures contracts (as well as for most equity options), this happens on the third Friday of certain trading months. On this day the t+1 futures contract becomes the t futures contract. For example, for most CME and CBOT contracts, at the expiration of the December contract, the March futures become the nearest contract. This is an exciting time for arbitrage desks, which try to make quick profits during the short period (perhaps 30 minutes) during which the underlying cash price and the futures price sometimes struggle to converge. At this moment the futures and the underlying assets are extremely liquid and any disparity between an index and an underlying asset is quickly traded by arbitrageurs. At this moment also, the increase in volume is caused by traders rolling over positions to the next contract or, in the case of equity index futures, purchasing underlying components of those indexes to hedge against current index positions. On the expiry date, a European equity arbitrage trading desk in London or Frankfurt will see positions expire in as many as eight major markets almost every half an hour.

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    • Tomorrow, maybe this will paste . . . Metals
      Contract Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
      Gold 12/27 01/29 02/26 04/28 06/26 08/27 10/29
      Silver 12/27 01/29 02/26 03/27 05/28 07/29 09/26
      High Grade Copper 12/27 01/29 02/26 03/27 04/28 05/28 06/26 07/29 08/27 09/26 10/29 11/25
      Platinum 12/27 01/29 02/26 04/28 07/29 10/29
      Palladium 12/27 01/29 02/01 03/27 06/26 09/26
      Mini-Sized Gold 12/27 01/29 02/26 04/28 06/26 08/27 10/29
      Mini-Sized Silver 12/27 01/29 02/26 03/27 05/28 07/29 09/26

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