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  • sharpie3444 sharpie3444 Feb 17, 2014 7:27 AM Flag

    Feb Silver Futures

    20.81 Gann Chart Target, anybody do P& F targets?

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    • In my assessment, P&F target is 39 to 40 on both the daily and weekly periods; and the P&F shows good resistance around 32ish. IMO, SLW needs to break 26 to add credence to P&F targets. GLTU!

    • Feb Silver Futures don't have value.... I am not attacking you.... Just trying to share knowledge.

      A Futures contract that means something is one that dictates the price from now until roughly 3 months into the future. How do you figure this out? Go to the one where billions of dollars are playing not millions.

      While we were in Dec, Mar is the contract that dictates the price action.
      While we were in Jan, Mar is still the contract that dictates the price action.
      While in Feb and up to a certain date 2/3's of the way through, Mar is still the contact that dictates the price action.

      in Feb, the march contract expires and all the money moves to the next long term contract which is May- called rollover. The prices in the remaining part of this month, in march and in april will be dictated by the May contract.

      Whereas between 2000-7000 contract volume in open interest might participate in Jan or 2000-7000 in Feb or 2000-7000 in April, representing $0.8 billion dollars in silver max in each of those months, the open interest in March and May represents 100,000 contracts or leveraging $10.9 billion for each of months of Mar and May.

      trying to be helpful...but depending on writing style and interpreting abilities.. often misunderstood..


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      • Thanks Chemaes, I use Worden TC 2000 symbol XSLVX, World Silver Index for my Silver charts, it seems to follow the front month futures pretty close, best I can do for charting. Thanks for the P& F data portguyof va, my silver target for this fall is 39.08, haven't talked about it because it seems so low with the talk of $100 silver floating around. but perhaps $73.00 silver next year. At $73.00 they will move mountains in Mexico to mine silver.

    • $21.81 right now ?

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