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  • semore.nunes semore.nunes Feb 24, 2014 6:25 PM Flag

    Creature from Jekyll Island...

    Eye opening and definitely worth reading. Thanks Hapiwondrer.

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    • Glad you liked it. It has been a best seller for many years since its first edition. Of course later editions must be paid for. The Kindle editions are much better, just like the free online version, because they are searchable, unlike the hard copy.

      This is a massive piece of accurate documentary research. Having a search capability to find particular passages is well worth the price of $20 for the latest Kindle edition.

      The realization of this country’s involvement in installing Communism in Russia as part of the Bolshevik Revolution using the American Red Cross as cover certainly never came out in the educational environment. As is the case now, both political parties were part of the scam (more so the Democrats of the Wilson Era) as this was a continuation of the elitists plan of that time who gathered at Jekyll Island led by Republican Senator Nelson Aldrich.

      If this doesn’t make you mad as Hell at how we’ve been misled over many years, what would? Wars have been fought (solely for profit) over the encroachment of Communists in other countries, without ever mentioning that Communism got its initial start in Russia through the involvement of elitist American bankers and industrialists. To this day people like David Rockefeller openly have supported this. (see David Rockefeller on Wikipedia)

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