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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Mar 12, 2014 7:58 PM Flag

    Alright Wave Analysts where does this run top out?

    I'm quite curious.....

    And if you are adventurous, let us know where you believe the next re-entry point will be.

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    • The following was a bankster hit job on the POG

      04/12/13 $1535.50
      04/15/13 $1395.00

      (A loss of $40.50 in one day)

      These numbers were extracted from the USA Gold website, which lists POG history by year. This drop appears on gold charts as a straight line dropping, as off of a cliff. The exact hourly drop couldn’t be found but, given past history, it usually happens on the NY spot gold open in mere minutes before the greater population of gold market participants have time to react.

      How anyone can give any credulity to “wave analysis” when markets are thus manipulated is beyond belief. The only thing that is predictable, as long as those who are in a position to manipulate this market ARE NOT BEING HANDED A PRISON JUMP SUIT, is that “the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry” (speaking of the wave analysis crew) and are going to experience yet another failure as their “crystal balls” experience yet another blinding snow storm. The only caveat to this is if a deep pockets “white knight” comes along and has enough wherewithal to counter and send pricing in a direction that reflects the abject failure of counterfeit fiat monopoly money. That’s a tall order for any opposing the “money trust” with unlimited ability to print or digitize “legal” tender and associated financial instruments (derivatives, for example).

    • Silver futures High 22.20, Low 20.62 , moved down 1.58 . . . The move 20.62 to 21.48 was .86 or about a 54% retracement, the retrace higher might be over or continue higher to 56.25 or 62% . . . the morning will tell. The retrace for a Wave 2 can be 100% or in this case back to 22.20. If price moves above 22.20 Cowboy will have been right and the last 17 days will have been a sideways Wave 4, if silver price moves below 20.62 or SLW price moves below 25.12 then the wave up will be over, completed with a small fifth wave at the beginning of all that congestion. . . . A completed wave up here would be labeled Wave I of 3 and the retrace Wave II of 3, wave 2s can retrace 100% or in this case down to SLW 19.23 . I favor the idea that we are in Wave II of 3, a retrace that will take price down to the 22.80 area.

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