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  • tristrem tristrem Mar 13, 2014 11:02 AM Flag

    When the COMEX no longer delivers, who ya gonna turn to for silver?

    To the silver streamers, of course!

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    • SLW doesn't take delivery, so good luck. The Comex is stock full of silver and if something occurred the price would be so high that the South American nations would nationalize their mines and tear up SLW's contracts. The streamers are actually the last place you want to be with silver screaming. This is the achilles heal of the streamers. Traditional financing is hard to come by but much safer as nations have existing political motivations to honor those financing deals even when mines are nationalized. At some point they may need to return to these banks for loans in the future and don't want to bite the hand. With streamers, the governments could care less about a Canadian company with 15 employees or so.

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      • Sorry, I didn't make my point well. I meant that COMEX will continue to set the price, but when end users can't get delivery from COMEX at the artificially set price (say, $20), they'll go to the silver streamers, who will charge $40 to $50. The South Americans will think the price is still $20, because they'll look at Kitco and see it's only $20! lol

    • Make one wonder if SLW has thought about setting up just such a facility. That would actually be very much like a coup de tat.

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