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  • mardermj mardermj Mar 17, 2014 3:34 AM Flag

    95% vote by Crimeans -- they want to go back to Mother Russia

    Democracy couldn't possibly work, could it? Obama and Merkel have been reviewing episodes of "24" all night long in order to prepare a response. "It's rigged" cries McCain.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, kay.

    Futures are up in general markets, and all metals, except silver, are up (of course!)

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    • To get back to the topic of this post by “mardermj”, ISN’T IT INTERESTING THE COINCIDENTAL DISAPPEARANCE OF MALASIA AIRLINES FLIGHT MD370 AND EVENTS IN CRIMEA. Some are coming to believe this airliner could be used as a bomb, perhaps even nuclear. There is no evidence of wreckage anywhere.

      Is this Putin’s “ace in the hole” to counter any serious sanctions? The plane could easily be hidden until the plan is to be carried out. It could be disguised with the markings of any other Boeing 777 airliner and fool coastal defenses to carry out its dastardly deed. There’s enough technology on this aircraft, since it can fly by itself, to allow any pilots who might initially be on-board to escape in-flight, while the aircraft's computers take it to its destination, or perhaps they will be modified to change its course through satellite control while in-flight.

      You may ask, so what happened to the passengers. The plane has an operating ceiling of 45,000 ft. If cabin pressurization is suddenly removed all the passengers aboard would die at that altitude almost instantly from hypoxia, which deep sea divers know as “the bends” while the pilot and copilot could survive with an extended oxygen supply. Available records indicate the plane went to high altitude long enough to kill all the passengers then dived to where the cabin and cockpit could be re-pressurized removing the possibility of hypoxia from the pilots while the plane goes into a dive to simulate the effects of a hyperbaric chamber. The plane would then land somewhere, the dead passengers buried, and the plane hidden and prepared to become a flying bomb.

      Probably the most likely place to pick to detonate a nuke would be the west coast of the United States using the jet-stream to conserve fuel and increase payload.

      Someone who is in the inner circle of such a plot might just leak the location and what is to take place at some unknown future date. That is the best scenario.

    • Your post is being heavily censored for replies critical of Putin.

    • Democracy never works, has to be a republic with a strong constitution and bill of rights that are respected by the courts, if the constitution is ignored the republic in effect becomes a democracy and the people always vote themselves a free lunch, leads to unbalanced budgets, high national debt, confiscation of private property, storm troopers to enforce the confiscation of private property, dictatorship. Private citizens quit producing wealth, hide what they can and take all their wealth out of the country if they can. The place turns into a North Korea / East Germany and it takes bloodshed to restore a working republic. Notice the current government "dictates" a lot the last couple years, doesn't obey or enforce the law, try's to pass laws to confiscate private wealth and take away peoples right to defend themselves. Draw a trendline on it !!!!!

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