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  • investorzzo investorzzo Apr 2, 2014 7:00 PM Flag

    News from zerohedge

    Russians and Iran cut deal exclude petrodollar! China and the Germans do the same. The bricks are rising...

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    • I think it very safe to say that this evidence of the new paradigm coming to the fore and it is ostensibly driven by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that I've mentioned in this forum several times in the past.

      Soon there really will be a new Sheriff in town and the US will be forced to keep it's sole bullet in it's shirt pocket.

      Is there any rational reason for Iraq to buy all that gold unless they were marshaling assets to become a member, too? Once enough oil producing nations line up in defiance of the US imperialism, what do you suppose the prices of precious metals will be? There will be no funeral notices for the interment of the dollar or perhaps any other of the global fiat currencies.

      These are heady times.

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      • What I'm looking for is the timeline. As it stands now we don't know if the government is putting out false information or some really have an idea when this comes down. The best-known public voice Jim Rickards who is now got his second book out, who worked with government agencies is telling the truth, half-truth or leading us down some other road.
        It truly is amazing how the rest of the world is buying gold hand over fist, but America just doesn't seem to get what's in store for them. Even the Japanese are finally woke up! I just wonder if the government can keep the lid on until after the elections?
        Will the next move be a false flag?

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