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  • justjess101 justjess101 May 22, 2014 8:45 AM Flag

    hey Hapiwondrer !! you dont run this site !!!

    you are not our mother. so take a big step back an shut your loud and obnoxious yapper. then you can lick my pppussieeeee

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    • What a classy post you’ve made. We’re sure it is indicative of your surroundings. Maybe you’d like to explain what anything you wrote has to do with SLW for us of lesser gray-matter and assets. We’re all ears to learn your views on it and the economy.

      You’re not a Fed member, by any chance, are you? How about disclosing your membership in the Bilderberg Group? Or maybe you’ve got close ties to the CFR. It certainly seems you and Bill Clinton might have a lot in common. All of these seem to align with how you and they view the world and its people. Or maybe you’ve got family ties to the California Legislature or other government entities out there. They are all such public servants of high character, much like the other more “Progressive” political divisions such as Illinois, New York and Washington, DC.

      Matthew 7:20
      Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

      These are all just guesses based on how you and they operate. All of these assumptions are based on your continuous interest in commodity markets, where it is a requirement to at least have sufficient funds to be aligned with any of the above, which your post history seems to indicate.

      Please do not delete this Topic of classic Shakespearean prose you’ve written, as it is truly a sign of the level of your superior intelligence, along with those to whom you identify. It is certain many others will agree with this (ahem) assessment and it will get an overwhelming “thumbs up” of agreement.

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