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  • sharpie3444 sharpie3444 May 29, 2014 8:15 PM Flag


    Ref: 19.04 , Last 19.07

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    • Ref: 19.04 . High 19.08 , Last 19.00 . . . .Flat . doing the one ,twos ( early waves ) SLW guesses 20.85 / 21.30 and 22.25, the last likely Monday 21.75 in there somewhere, perhaps a retrace level. Cowboy got the wave figured out until Sept / Oct ? 32.00 / 32.30 ??

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      • Good Morning Sharpie. Don't have the time frame per say, but I suspect we enter uptrend on Monday or later today. Might just close at 20.92 today (that is just a guess on my part). But as for a price point on this next Major wave up, chart shows 39.95 as probable top for Wave 3. My feelings are that it will might just extend the wave to 2.62% to 47.86 to coincide with the Major Wave 1 17.78-29.17 projected Wave 3 of 47.62. Would not surprise me if it fit in your time frame as we know W3's happen fast and furious. :)

      • Ref: 19.04 , Last 19.02 , but the 15 min , 30 min , and hourly RSI 50% likely caused by the run up 18.94 / 19.06

    • For the TA folks, there is a good article at safehaven punctuation commercial titled "HUI Gold Bugs Low Imminent". As the title suggest, a bottom may be near, but more, the author suggests that the HUI may lead the metal higher. I realize this is not silver or SLW specific, but the material is closely related. I believe based primarily on fundamentals we are very close to a major turn in PM's that will be very rewarding, so it is comforting to see TA articles supporting the thought. Hope the article is worthwhile for you.

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      • I looked it over sandybeachdave, the HUI has retraced 78.6% of the last wave up, that's a bottom about 85% of the time, I doubt the last run up was a Wave one, so 100 % retrace would be rare. I don't understand Galt not measuring his fib relationships from the top down to the previous low. I mostly agree with his conclusion , but think the bottom is already in in the HUI, do note the juniors often lag the senior miners in the advance, then come on stronger than the seniors later in the cycle, I think when the seniors build cash, then the juniors become buy out targets and that runs their price up. SLW is a EW wave ahead of the HUI , from now until about mid Sept SLW should perform very well in the famous III of 3 wave , III of 3s often run up faster , steeper and longer than the first wave , at least SLW should get a 11.34 advance like it did last June during the run 17.75 to 29.17. . . . 20.04 + 11.34 = 31.38 , Fibs say 32.00 / 32.30 area, either will be a good run.

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