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  • inomorethanudo inomorethanudo Jun 23, 2014 2:53 PM Flag

    welcome back geist gunter, now known as ottohuber76

    it was a waste of time for you to go to all the trouble of changing your nom de plume- you aren't talented enough to change your writing style- i hope you can make more than minimum wage bashing slw under your new alias- i will continue to bet against your advice- go ahead and bash, i want the extra cash

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    • True, he's easy to spot and already on ignore.
      (--- probably with everyone who regularly checks this board as well.)

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • yup, already ignored...pretty amazing to think that there is an individual who seems to have nothing better to do than post the same insane negative rants about call WRITERS....I hope someone is paying him a lot, otherwise he's just nuts.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I think it's hysterical that SLW is trading green, up 3%, on absolutely NO positive news, nothing, and in the face of an ongoing decline in silver bullion. PHONY as phony can be!

        But as I revealed previously, you have gold and silver juniors, like Great Panther, Alexco, Richmont, etc, (the ones that trade next to no volumes of call options), all trading very badly again today---and they are screaming to all the retail baggies that ramp scams in senior golds and silvers like SLW, ABX, etc. etc., (the ones that trade heavy volumes of call options), are all designed by the call WRITERS at the banks and funds, aimed to dumping another round of ultimately worthless gold and silver call options into the hands of naive and empty head baggies.

    • If gold and silver bogus pump shills continue to have yahoo expel and expunge honest contrarian posts from the message boards, then there is no other choice but to return under new names. It is never intended as a deception, only as the only solution to the problem.

      The bogus pump shills for the gold and silver call WRITERS like YOU have had posters expelled for years now simply for the crime of revealing the ongoing scam and for revealing the reality of the ongoing gold and silver BEAR.

      Of course, as a wrong way gold and silver pump shill, you know that FACT already, now don't you?

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      • fishart4 Jun 23, 2014 6:41 PM Flag

        As you have stated at nauseam, PMs are in a 3 year BEAR market. You state PMs are going lower. You are sticking with the trend.

        Your not a contrarian

      • geist- i am not a shill for anyone, though i do occasionally write a covered call- i do frequently buy calls, though i haven't done so in the last six months- i am a long term holder of slw- i believe in the business model and in the long term i believe in p.m mining stocks- i especially like buying the stocks of companies that slw provides financing for- who better to rely on then the company that provides their financing- i do hope you stick around because my track record in going against your advice is now over 95%- keep bashing, brother

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