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  • iam_the_real_me iam_the_real_me Jun 28, 2014 1:34 PM Flag

    took a HYBRID course that gifted me with two, yes 2 engineering degrees.

    yep got a degree in septic systems design engineering..
    the second one fertilizing engineering systems...

    and to think it all came from one book... waste management for dummies.


    both the degrees go hand in hand boy amI smart Iam Iam

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    • Well, let’s see now. With the current crop of managers who decide who to hire, your septic systems design engineering will likely get you work at the US Postal Service checking for leaky plumbing at area Post Offices unless, of course, you’re of the proper ethnicity to receive preferential treatment. And the fertilizer engineering systems may find you as a Sales Clerk in the Gardening Department at Home Depot. We actually met a recently graduated Electrical Engineer as a clerk in the HD Lighting Department one day who was unable to get hired in any company’s engineering department.

      Tom Ridge, former Governor of PA is on the board of Home Depot and also held a position as 1st United States Secretary of Homeland Security till 2005 (Obama’s statement recently about the threat of infiltration of enemy operatives across our borders should give American’s pause). Last time we were in Home Depot, when asking a Hispanic for an item he replied, “Yo no hablo Inglés” (I don’t speak English.)

      So you see, the hot shots at the top have it all figured out how they will increase the body bag count for their never ending wars by filling all the jobs with foreign workers, or promoting hiring of others being treated preferentially (meaning absent the former policy geared to qualifications). Americans are being regarded as canon fodder with military duty as their most likely one and only “opportunity”.

      Notice that those who managed to survive intact till discharge are being publicized as ones employers should consider hiring after, of course, making room by laying off those without such preferential bona fides in their resumes. Michelle Obama and Joe Biden’s wife made clear they support this in all the recent ads. For sure this will be carried out at all military defense contractors if they wish to be put on the top of the list for future contracts.

      By the way, has VA corruption been addressed yet with jail for the guilty parties?

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