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  • fishart4 Jun 30, 2014 9:52 PM Flag

    Someone keepings saying the juniors aren't confirming however ...

    If we check out Junior Silver ETF (SILJ), we can plainly see that it is up over 40% YTD outperforming SLV, SLW, GLD, GDX. GDXJ (gold juniors ETF) up over 35%.

    I would say the juniors ARE CONFIRMING. Sorry for letting facts get in the way of a good story. I think it's time to update the rhetoric.

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    • WRONG again, pumper---the GDXJ only measures a limited set of larger sized juniors--and the vast majority of smaller JUNIORS are NOT listed on the GDXJ. Nor do you mention that the GDXJ is down almost 90% from all time highs, PROVING WITHOUT DOUBT that the recent teeny burp in the rotten gold and silver JUNIORS is nothing more than a WEAK DEADCAT BOUNCE in an ongoing vicious gold and silver BEAR.

      in fact, today, most of the gold and silver JUNIORS managed only puny penny DEADCAT gains, or they traded RED, (e.g., Richmont and Alexco)---and I've been using both rotten poopers, Richmont and Alexco, as PERFECT FORECASTERS of the ongoing gold and silver BEAR these past few years since both those penny pooper JUNORS broke down badly well ahead of the breakdown in the senior golds and silvers, thus accurately forewarning of the ongoing slo mo CRASH of every gold and silver SENIOR you can name.

      Sorry to burst your gold and silver bubble, but it's going to burst soon anyway, so you might as well prepare to take your gold and silver LOSSES, again! LOL

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      • fishart4 Jul 1, 2014 12:33 AM Flag

        Richmont Mines Inc. (RIC) Up 38% YTD
        Alexco Resource Corporation (AXU) FLAT YTD

        LMFAO One of YOUR hand picked loser junior examples is actually up 38% YTD.

        These are $50-70M companies that are speculative plays on the fringe of investing. Does anyone think all of these guys will survive under any market conditions? Is this supposed to be a 100% winner sector? Itty Bitty spec miners ... really, this is your guiding light?

        Also, you repeatedly proclaim this bear market has been going on for the past few years but that is not the complete skinny. Actually, gold and silver price HAD a precipitous drop from highs in April 2011 to lows this time last year, a 2+ year period. Now, for the last year, PMs have traded sideways (actually up!!!). So WRONG, PMs have not been going down for the past few years. I figure if your going to spew the same blather day after day, you might want to get it right.

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