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  • gmax97 gmax97 Mar 14, 2011 4:46 PM Flag

    Just thinking out loud...

    Now I am confused. The net income from the underlying properties table does not agree with net distributable cash. Difference is about $7mm. About $.60 per share difference.

    Still the run up in price of oil is about 37% over 2010 average. $4.07 -.60 = 3.47 * 1.37 = $4.75. Now haircut for run up occurring for 1 month not all three and I think you probably can get a number higher than $.75.

    Is JDuane around? Know what the $.60 is all about?

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    • Hey GMAX,

      It's been a long day between work and school, I just finished a final a little over an hour ago. I'm skimming through the 10-K and am not sure what page the table you're referring to is on.

      Admittedly, I only took about an hour to read the report so I may have skimmed some sections, but everything looked on the level to me. Like I said though, it's been a long day and my head may be a bit foggy.


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      • Hey, James - you've done me some favors with your research and I really appreciate your honesty in reporting. I participated in MSB and a couple other stocks you've commented on. I just barely own MVO - I like the story, but can't understand the lack of insider buying. In greed I trust.

        Something you might like to look at is NRT. Read the 10-Q. And go the news history - this puppy is pretty obscure. Then look at the insider buying. You could take your time getting a position - as long as you don't write anything on Seeking Alpha for a while. You deserve a break today - for the meticulous writing and research

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