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Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. (CBOU) Message Board

  • jabbamiah jabbamiah May 5, 2006 1:29 PM Flag

    what does this mean

    Is the company going to grow like a weed?

    Are we at the bottom of the hockey stick waiting
    for explosive growth to the tenth degree?

    Who are we, but Minnesotans plagued by democrats and communists that hurt growth.

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    • the largest shareholder of Citigroup is an arab/muslim, a fact that doesn't affect its stock price a bit.

    • Yes, I concur that the Muslim/Arabic connection is hurting CBOU. Look how far underwater it is from the IPO. It's clear to see that the Muslim/Arabic ownership of CBOU is having a huge negative impact. I can understand why the Longs here don't want to acknowledge it. They have their last few Drachma's tied up in Muslim/Arabic owned CBOU.

    • I bet they do not the line of credit - smart money is something that allows the VC's to finally get out.

      I am sure it is difficult to understand why a firm with crumbling performance is falling 101 dude.

    • I used to be a manager at an infamous public company back in the dot-com days (clue: sock puppet). Anyhow, prior to IPO the company spent as much time brainstorming any and all possible risks to disclose in the S-1. It's called "cover your ass".

      That said, this section is helpful in uncovering what potential issues may lie ahead. It is up to the saavy investor to assign probability weights to each making a judgement about how important they'll be. I see the risk in the Sharia law thing pertaining more to costs -- since they are against using forward contract to hedge, Starbucks will be able to hold their margins whereas CBOU will not if we hit a period of high prices.

      Hurricanes, etc. can disrupt coffee prices (supply disruptions -- a lot of it comes through the N.O. port). So, that, as far as I see is a major issue -- now if they expand their offering in the box and drive up avg. order size with their BOU gourmet, this will be less of an issue. But still, that is my concern with the sharia law thing -- it's similar to Southwest vs. other airlines with hedging....

    • I know what is "wrong" with Sharia, just wondering how it limits financing from a timing prospective...hate monger.

    • CBOU has already stated their financial expectations for this year.

      What part of operating at a loss is unclear?

    • So you're saying you don't know what's wrong with Sharia, you're just uncomfortable with your own ignorance? Fair enough.

    • Clearly they've raised capital in the past from other investors and via an IPO. If their law prevented this, they wouldn't have been able to do so in the first place -- at least that's my conclusion

    • Can they? I have no idea what is and what is not allowable by their law.

    • I hate to kick a camel when it's down, but don't you think this is a good time to discuss the Muslim/Arabic CBOU ownership situation? It could be a good thing if they start filling the cups up with gas instead of espresso/coffee. The price per ounce is about the same. However I don't think that US citizens should invest in a company that is owned by the people gouging us on gas/oil prices and perhaps even trying to kill us.
      The CBOU muslim/arabic owners even make CBOU abide by their islamic rules. This is ugly and getting uglier as indicated by the massive drop in CBOU's stock price. Where am I wrong?

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      • Look, the arab angle on the short side is ridiculous. Anyone who hasn't had their poked in a ground hole for the last thirty years knows that money coming from the Middle East is a reality. Just as money flowing in from Japan in the 80's. To discourage this type of foreign investment is shortsighted and akin to shooting ourselves in the foot. For one, we have a trade imabalance and require foreign investment to keep the dollar from sliding.

        Take a look at the fund's website. It's run by a bunch of guys from Atlanta, Georgia -- it's nothing like your caricature of a bunch of financiers on camels strapped with AK's and IED's. Sharia investment is nothing new to the U.S. and we better get used to it if we want this capital source. In fact we are sending so much money overseas in oil, we better hope it comes back this direction. If you are against muslim ownership/investment you might not want to frequent/give business to the following that have heavy muslim investment:

        News Corp (Fox News, Fox, etc.)
        Fairmont Hotels
        Four Seasons
        Apple Computer
        Walt Disney

        And that's just Kingdom Holdings....

      • Exxon isn't an Arab company. Maybe you knew that.

      • iknowgoodjava,

        Well, people go to a caribou stand to get good
        coffee. Most Americans do not even know Caribou
        is owned by Arabs. Does the average american
        care, or even better the average teenager care
        about ownership? What about all the companies that are owned by CEOs that make profits in
        excess. Do you think they care about you?

        Arab owned or not. I do not think it matters.
        The only thing that matters is that Caribou
        is a good consumer enviroment and has a feel
        of its own. Does a Caribou store do this to you?