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  • basscatchr basscatchr May 24, 2007 11:30 AM Flag

    Excellent read:

    "I am here to make money"

    Now, that is a hoot! Funniest message in a while.

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    • If you think I'm funny, then, keep on posting about religion, race, and the like. CBOU is a company; it's not turf to wage personal vendettas. I learned long ago not to take personal feelings into the investment arena. The simple fact that you attack me personally demonstrates how small and short sighted you look. "I am here to make money." And, I feel good.


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      • As a beverage, coffee remains the number one waker upper around the globe. Daily, adults sip from their brimming cup making themselves feel alive. I heard this one evening from a dear woman who understands many religions. Do you drink coffee?

        I like CBOU for numerous reasons. They include but are not limited to:

        1) Positioning within the industry. Being number 2 in the industry does not constitute a bad showing. Do you remember a horse named Alydar? He always ran second to a great horse named Affirmed. Nonetheless, that horse proved himself as a super stud in the horse world. CBOU currently runs second to SBUX, and equates to Alydar in the coffee world.

        2) The shares of this company seem extremely undervalued as compared to SBUX. And, with proper managemental decision making RISE rapidly in the back stretch.

        3) Think about the word COKE. It's a universal word. I simply like the association CBOU garners with the Coca-cola company.

        4) New products bode well here.

        5) This company does not quit. It's an on-going concern which will eventually reward investors.

        Bashers here need to wake up, and smell this coffee; or perhaps they do, and hope to succeed in duping investors into selling their shares at a loss.