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Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. (CBOU) Message Board

  • microcapanalyst microcapanalyst Jan 2, 2013 1:24 PM Flag


    Caribou is worth a lot more and Benckiser knows it. They will ultimately offer about $25/share, which is still a major discount to what they just paid for Pete's Coffee & Tea. If another bidder jumps into this, the price my be in the $30s. If not, hold on until Benckiser makes that $25/share tender offer. They want CBOU badly.

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    • Agreed. I'm voting no with my several thousand shares, FWIW....

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      • in case you haven't noticed by the stock price, it is over pal. Anyone who did not sell when the stock was over the tender price will get $16. If the Germans were going to pay more, the stock would still be higher. You should be more concerned that tools like Microcrap and bullies like Gabelli made the Germans decide it was not worth it. Then you can have a $12 stock that you think is worth $30.

        There was a reason why the stock traded at $12 for a long time, because that is what it was worth.

    • I helped you out Micro#$%$ and said no on the tender. Then again I don't currently hold any shares because thanks to you and the other wishing well investors, I sold above the price but I still received the tender offer question. I do still hold calls so please keep pumping the #$%$ out of this, suckering in people to think the Germans will bid more. You don't know German people very well.

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      • Not pumping anything, my friend. Just ensuring that shareholders get a fair price. Glad you sold, though, since those of us buying and/or holding considerable shares will not be tendering at $16. So JAB will not even get your piddly 200 shares. This deal will not get done below $20 and will likely be closer to $30 or above. And, yes, I know German people quite well: when they want something, they find a way to get it. The only way here will be a much higher price.