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  • friendofthetrend friendofthetrend Mar 12, 2002 1:01 AM Flag

    Essential Is Finally Sold!

    Are you absolutely sure it was $50,000?

    I think the first page of Yahoo insider trades shows about $250,000 of buys by Paxton...Maybe I'm off.I'm getting older. Or maybe Paxton meant to buy $50,000 but had a memory lapse and ended up with more..ha ha.

    Hey, I think I understand why you brought up the up the sinility issue- if someone here isn't senile, your short position could be in trouble,imo.Oh well, whatever happens,don't forget to cover..

    Myself and other longs at the HTEI board went through this same thing about insiders with some bashers and x employees when HTEI was $2 a couple of weeks back. After trading a week or so in the $4's, no sign of a heavy pullback yet. Insiders knew something.Go check the message board if you have time.

    Insider buying may not be an exact timing device, but officers know the markets, cash flow,incoming orders, backlogs and the competitive situation better than you or I.

    Not saying this can't go down a bit but short this at your own peril,imo.I actually hope someone can talk this down to $1.05 so I can buy a better chunk.But i don't think what we say really matters that much. It's just good for passing some time. Good luck. If you make some money , do what Paxton did and do some DD and find something to buy. The economy is turning and technically it's getting time to go long, if you believe Acompora, who wasn't bullish till recently.QUOTE

    Today we are very, very happy to announce that we see the following indices as in "quality rally" modes: The S&P Mid Cap Index, The S&P Small Cap Index (the only barometer to score an all time new high), the SOX Index, the Toronto and Australian Indices (both are natural resource sensitive) and Tokyo is, in our view, looking a lot better near term.
    ...Now that many market averages have broken above important overhead resistance levels and moving averages, we see quality rallies materializing. We interpret these rallies as very constructive and setting the stage for sustainable upside moves. Breadth data and our sector work suggest that this is a healthy and broad-based rise�an advance that is considered investable. We encourage aggressive buying as many indices are expected to register new recovery highs between now and mid year.
    The market's strength in early March is seen as confirmation that last September's low was the final bottom. The consolidation between November and February is now looked upon as a successful retest of that September low and, in our opinion, it now sets the stage for more meaningful upside progress. The real story is market breadth. We have been very encouraged by the progress of the NYSE Advance/Decline Line since March 2000. It suggests that the old economy names will continue to lead as the list broadens to incorporate more new sectors. Our original Fearless Forecast called for a slight new high in the Dow Industrials by year end. We still maintain this opinion.