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  • charliethechickentuna charliethechickentuna Apr 19, 2002 9:33 PM Flag

    CC says Big Contracts coming

    CC says that sales that did not come in 1st Quarter will be coming and that profitability will come in 4th quarter. They sure painted a rosie picture. I hope the roses bloom soon unwise we will have the thorns stuck up our #$%$ The sooner the better with the sales as people are loosing patience.
    I hope the Governmental certified program benefits us as speculated. I am cancelling my sell order that I had at 1.95 as I have been interpreting the CC as better and BIGGER things to come. I HOPE!!!!

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    • The only way to interpret the CC is the stock should go up very soon, imo.

      Imo,the only conclusion any listener could draw is that management expects a turnaround, profitability, positive cash flow, increasing revs, new partnerships and a lower BE point.

      Remnants of pessimism lingering on after poor past performance, negative cash flow, declining revs, could be reason for the sell off.

      Once those holders are gone, market should do what it always does, look forward. Look forward to the opposite of what got he stock down.

      Then, a break from pessimism should show up real soon in the chart pattern. Meantime, I'd buy from the remaining pessimists. Let them quit just before the promise of dawn.

      Talk is one thing, insider buys plus talk is something else, imho.