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  • fbrunotts fbrunotts Oct 17, 2009 2:36 AM Flag


    To what extent are options earnings offsetting all the negatives you legitimately list? Anyone know?

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    • Does anybody know what their holdings truly are? Compare this one to AOD or AGD where they show you what they truly hold..

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      • "...does anyone know what their holdings truely are..." to find out

        How would one not know (or be able to find out) what the fund holds of a CE stock fund that trades on WS...?...your statement is baffling to say the very least...glta and enjoy the dividend that keeps on giving...

      • humble me has had a lucky break from time to time, selling covered calls. writing naked puts and getting a stock on a lucky down tick that I would have bought anyway. methinks a savvy pro with all the right toools could do better yet. overlay the dividend capture strategy and the filling back in of various over sold valuations, and there's room to make these whacky cookie cutter reports become more sane over time....

    • Income from writing calls and from buying index puts adds around 3% - 4% to the bottom line. You can determine this by looking at 10Q reports.

      Dividends account for about three times more than option income.

      I think they're returning about 3% of actual capital in the ROC payments to keep the dividends at the current levels. As the markets rise (if they rise) then more stocks will get called away and they will repurchase shares at higher prices and start over with the call strategy. I think they can do a 10% yield over time with their strategy. But they clearly will do anything necessary to avoid cutting the dividend, so a little NAV erosion through ROC over the past year is not a bad thing all in all. A 10% yield with the current dividend implies a market price of $18.70. I think you could see that in 18 - 24 months unless we go into another meltdown. The type of stocks IGD invests in are the ones people are snapping up, which is why IGD is also strong. Too bad there are no options on IGD itself.

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