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  • leitchs leitchs Jun 2, 2006 1:29 PM Flag

    Classic Maestro... Typical Canadian


    He has been pumping CLWT EVERYDAY for 6 months now.. Claiming every week that we 'are going to $8'!!!!!!!!!!' Everyone who disagrees with him is "American Ass MOnkey".

    Wow. My take is his completely insane by Einstien's definition of doing the same thing everyday but expecting a different result. But then again everyone who lives in Canada is either missing a few teeth or braincells. Can't expect too much from them.

    You want me to keep going?

    Re: Clwt is over due for a rally...
    by: maestro_jammerb 01/30/06 02:31 pm
    Msg: 10702 of 13813

    Loks like the start to me!!!! No cheap shares left if you want a real position in this you have to pay for it, either that or pick up 100 shares at 3.20. The current fair market for this today is 3.26. Up again, what want else is new with this base building. 3.30 tomorrow kids!!!! Just watch!!!!

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    • why are you so bitter? So Maestro has been bullish on the stock and it hasn't moved, I agree that it will take off and soon, but it will do so in it's own time and not sooner.

      What is with the "strong sell"? What is this based on?? The company has proved solid growth over the past 3 years, they are well positioned for new contracts and as to the chart, this is long term consolidation pattern which points higher once the upper trendline is broken.

      Maestor, w/regards to your model, is this something you developed or is 3rd party?

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