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  • here24sure here24sure Feb 15, 2003 4:18 PM Flag

    Worst salesmen for SureBeam

    The worst salesmen for SureBeam are the guys who had previously been preparing the ground beef for the local stores. Unfortunately they are right there at the point of sale protecting their jobs.

    I asked such a person at the local Stop & Shop how the sales of SureBeam GB were going. He shook his head and said:

    'You can do the same thing with your microwave. That's all it is!'

    'No it's not.' I said, 'A microwave would heat the meat, but this process does not.'

    He got very irritated and appeared to be threatened by the whole thing.

    Based on this experience, I will never use the microwave as an analogy for the SureBeam process. 'Cold Pasteurization with an electronic beam' will be my phrase of choice.

    Hope we can educate the customers without going through the butchers.

    - sure24

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    • Gentleman, I take offence at your comments directed towards "the guys who had previously been preparing the ground beef for the local stores". Don't let one uninformed individual bais you against all in the feild.I AM THE BUTCHER, and I can also be your best friend.While you sit on the board and degrade me, I'm on the front line at the store level pushing the product and concept of irratiation as a positive step towards safer foods.I am not threatened in the least by pre-packaged products.What does threaten me is the idea of a society afraid to consume the products I sell for fear of being sickened by something they cannot see, smell, or taste.
      I continue to post the information that I gain at the store level to the board. Percent of sales, acceptance, packaging and marketing strategies.It may take some old dogs longer to learn new tricks just as it will take some customers longer to accept the process. Just be nice to the butchers, your going to need us.

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      • And I hope you make a million so you can continue what your doing because you want to and not because you need to.

      • Thanks, it is reassuring to get feedback from a butcher from the other end of the spectrum. My next Surebeam GB will be purchased from a different Stop & Shop, one with a butcher that has an attitude more in line with yours.

        My error was to generalize from that single experience. I had just returned home from that Stop & Shop fresh from the experience. My holding is now 20K shares, and I am not a wealthy person (yet). We both got defensive, but cut off the discussion before he was tempted to go out back for a meat cleaver.

        I hope there will continue to be work for local butchers. You guys work harder than most people realize, at least that's what a butcher friend tells me.

        Glad to see you are a SURE investor. You will be a winner!

        - here24

      • keep up the good work selling and educating the public on the merits of the process and products.

        Don't let the assholes get under your skin.

        Best Regards

      • usda:

        Nicely said. We need folks like yourself who are informed. Our best friends in my estimation and in a place to make a difference.

        Keep up the good work and keep up the posts. I appreciate your unique perspective on this and give your posts more "weight" than average poster.

      • You're absolutely right--we shouldn't expect that a few bad apples will spoil the whole bunch. The whole distribution chain has been changing for years anyway, this is just another step. I've noticed that the Meijer chain has gone to central packaging of most of their ground meats in this area. I suppose cost is the main concern, but overall quality has to be right up there, as you want to allow as few chances as possible for a disgruntled and/or crazy individual to taint 100 lbs. of ground beef with insecticide. Now that's bad butchering.

      • i respect you and am with you

    • You raised a good question about educating the customer: Hope we can educate the customers without going through the butchers."

      According to the NY Times today, a lot of stores a using case ready meat. If the trend for case ready meat continues you will find some stores eliminating the butcher entirely.

      See this story: Here's the Beef. So, Where's the Butcher? By CONSTANCE L. HAYS

      See it in the NY Times Feb. 15, 2003 You will need to log in with NY Times to read it. It's free.

      If the link does not work start with

      From the article:
      "Since September 2001, Wal-Mart has sold only case-ready meat. The change followed a vote by workers at a Wal-Mart supercenter in Texas who voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers, a unit of the A.F.L.-C.I.O.

      Pathmark is the first supermarket chain in New York City to serve meat to shoppers this way, but New York may be the final frontier. In the last year, meat packers report a surge in orders for case-ready meat as supermarkets eagerly follow Wal-Mart's lead.

    • You are right. I have talked to a bunch of butchers at Shop Rite and they have absolutley no idea of what I was talking about..even though they carry (or will) Sure. Yet, they have a negative opinion even though they do not know anything about it. Just the wor "irradation' turns them off. the other point is that as I understand this, the butchers have no handling of the meat. It comes in 'pre-packaged'. Am I right.
      Now, re: the stock.
      What seemed like many years ago (1995), I had 7500 shares of MSFT whcih made me a (relatively) rich person. I have continued to look for that new gem, and I think I found it here. Following my MSFT pattern, I now have 7500 shares of SURE (initially recommended to me by Merrill Lynch top broker and then confirmed by others to take a shot) Well, I'm about even now, but look out a few years and a lot of educations will be paid for. No doubt about it-in my mind.
      Don't panic with little ups and downs. Traders should be careful, because with the small number of shares, it doesn't take much to send this thing up quickly.

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