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  • roadrunne98 roadrunne98 May 21, 2001 4:41 PM Flag

    Is this a buy at this lever???Opinions!

    Thanks- I always seem to buy when its at the top. eom

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    • If this stock were at 20 I would still tell you that it's a bargain. That is if you plan to go long with it. This company has more potential than most of it's competitors since they can be added to any production line, and can work on finished product. On top of that the FDA's 0% tolerance is forcing everyone to find ways to keep their food absolutely clean, which means more customers for Surebeam. So if I were you I would get onto this boat before it turns into a jet.


    • 05/19/01 06:59 pm EDT
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      Well I think the time is now. Why you ask.
      1) I think buying here plus or minus a buck or two wont matter if this thing is headed to $20, $30, $40, $50+.
      2) We are still in early. They are just now starting up or building the service centers. We just signed our 2cd inline customer with at 3 more signed and waiting to be announced.
      3) FDA approval of processed meats could come any time.
      4) The big summer campain to raise consumer awareness (in conjuction with our household name partners and product rollouts) will start soon.
      5) The global market is 1.8 TRILLION pounds.
      6) Mgt backing estimats for surging revenues and turning profitable early next year (thats just months away).

      So try and time it if you want, but I think you are on the clock. Some major announcements (see above) could come anytime taking the stock further up. The float is small, and if buy interest picks up,,see ya.
      Good Luck,

    • Re: Is it too high to buy in today?????????
      by: shopnus 05/15/01 10:12 pm EDT
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      Did you get in? it was about 11 1/2 when you asked.. now SURE is several points higher.

    • Re: Is it too high to buy in today??????
      by: raduragun 05/09/01 04:45 pm EDT
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      If you are investing (not trading) now seems as good a time as any. SURE came public at $10, not too far from here. Since then mgt has backed revenue and eps estimates for next year. Revenues to increase to about $140 million from $40 millin and to turn nicley profitable. Their business will have recurring revenues thus a predictable revenues and earnings.
      FDA approval for processed meats could come any time. The markets they are pursuing are huge. I don't believe the have any competition (some may argue differently).There are 3 other companies that will be announced (like the recent excel news). Fast food business and grocery chains are in discussions with SURE.
      The FDA is taking a zero tolerance stance toward food safety. I believe it's in the food industry's best interest to deliver the safest food possible (bad pr, litigation, fines, loss of business, etc) and I believe they are trying (demonstrated by the number of customers SURE is signing up).
      IMO SURE has the potential to set new standards in food safety. Sure continues to sign up new customers and already have many of the 'biggies'on board.
      As far as the safety issue, I believe its just a matter of educating the public and the long list of oganizations endorsing the technology is there.
      Keep in mind you are not buying General Electric. This is not a conservative investment. You are buying a company with new technology. IMO the risk is SURE defending their patents and consumer acceptance.

      Go check out their web page and listen to the recent CC that is archived there. Get some info first then make a decision.

      Good luck.

    • My opinion; As another poster stated 24% of SUREs float is held by institutions. A lot of longs are buying on dips and adding to their positions. High demand and low supply will continue to run this stock up. The odds of this stock going down more then a few points are slim. Odds of this stock rising 2 points/day are good, 1 point very good. The only thing that could stop SURE is a bad earnings announcement and that appears to be very unlikley for many years to come. When TTN releases SURE shares to TTN investors the supply will increase and the price may drop for a while until any selling is absorbed but that won't happen for sometime. You are still looking at a good price for this stock. I sure wouldn't wait much longer. I bought at 8 and added at 9, 11, 12, 13.75 and will continue to add $200 worth a week until $200 won't be 1 share. Good luck.

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