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  • bladakos bladakos Jan 25, 2004 7:35 PM Flag


    Phyx is hiring again and I believe they may be expanding office space again in the near future because they are growing.

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    • Bladablablabla,

      Your ignorance is amazing. Datex Ohmeda has already launched Entropy and has been selling it for 6 months now. Do your own research. If you have tried the PSA-4000, you are obviously in the medical field (Maybe). Call your Datex Rep. and find out for yourself. If PHYX is the leader, why does ASPM outnumber phyx's monitor sales 20 to 1?

    • My purpose is to curse and call you bad names. Why, because for one it bothers you, two because no one on this board likes you, and third because you suck.

      As far for Datex Ohmeda's decision to launch a new consciousness monitoring system? I do not know anything about it. For all I know it is a rumor or something you made up.What effect will it have on PHYX's chances of survival? Honestly, even if Datex launched a monitoring system it would take them several months to a year. Regardless, in my opinion (which I know you will not like so I do not care what you have to say) Phyx is the leader in the market place and the company has a very bright future. datex would just be treading behind. As far as a fall out, do you really think that will happen to phyx. NOT!!! To many big dogs involved with alot of money.

      A question for you. Have you tried PHYX product? I didn't think so. Well guess what, I have as.ho,e and you can report me to the SEC if you want for that statement if it is relevant. People invest in companies without doing any research nor getting any information on products. I am not one of those people. I like to try the product and let it speak for itself.

      Happy Monitoring

    • If you think if there is no value for this company, why are you here posting all these craps?

      Stop bashing and get a life.

    • Bladapussy, AKA bladablablabla

      I thought you would do better than that. Are you still in grade school? With all of your posts, you have still failed to mention anything having to do with the current market situation of PHYX. I will ask you again, do you have anything to offer?? or will you continue to grace us with your very intellectual commentary?

      Let me guess, you will continue to find new ways to write the f-word or new things to shove up ones ass.

      Getting away from name calling, answer a few questions for me. In this very small market of conscious monitoring, what do you think Datex Ohmeda's decision to launch a new consciousness monitoring system? What effect will it have on PHYX's chances of survival? Did you know PHYX is the only company not offering a modular solution for their monitor? Do you think this will have long-term fallout for PHYX?

    • This proves that you know nothing because you did not stand up for self and try to prove yourself right and everyone wrong. Please read prior post. basically, you are the one bladlalalddllad not me. You did a pretty bad job changing the subject. As far as putting things up ones ass. I never mentioned it, I guess it is you that is thinking about it though. It is a happy day for me though.
      Go phyx.

    • Bladablablablablabla,

      You like to go on and on and on. Do you actually have anything to offer?? Do you know anything about consciousness monitoring? The only credibility you have is that you found new ways to spell the f word and like to talk about people putting things up there ass. Do you have a fetish?? Dirty sneakers do anything for you?

    • You sound like my old boss. You are best and know everything. You are always right and never wrong and even if you are wrong you are right. Well, since you know everything and I am a bladapuss as you refer to me as, than please give me your expertise tip of the week on a stock as you have allready offered. Not that i will go ahead and buy your tip, but just to give you a chance to prove to everyone how brillant you are.

    • Maverick. If you show up with such n�mbers and pointing out what a big investor you are, you should remark that you could have made also 720% or more by buying PHYX for $0.40. The big difference is that PHYX has a lot more potential from here. I do not blame ASPM for making progress the last two years. It was a good investment for those who are not always negative in mind like you. But PHYX was a good investment too and it has great potential.

    • ASPM has a market cap of $339M. The market cap of PHYX is just $25M. PHYX has Baxter as a marketing partner. It seems reasonable to believe that there is room for more than one player in this market and that from its current stock price and market cap PHYX has prospects for considerable appreciation.

    • Bladapussy,

      It is obvious you know nothing about the consciousness monitoring market. If you were smart you would have bought ASPM at $2.50. Yesterday it closed at $18.00. Hmmm. let me do the math..... I think that is a 720% return. In case you flunked math this means I made a lot of money. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING???? I AM UP 600% AND CLIMBING.

      By the way, when I said ask me for some tips I wasn't refering to the stock market. Maybe you should read a little closer. If you want to daytrade and ride the PHYX rollercoaster have fun.

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