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  • hdcafe hdcafe Nov 23, 2008 3:15 PM Flag

    Obama will be the greatest president

    since Ronald Reagan was president....I voted for McCain, but believed in Obama...That's quite a change for me...In the future i may vote democrat...The Pubs have lost my confidence..I truly believe that Bush and Chaney were for BIG oil...It was all about lining their pocket books along with OIL gurus in Texas...I hope i'm wrong, but as it stands i'm well convinced...

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    • Feeling a little anger there, are we? Well, I hope you’re feeling better.

      Let me guess. Any woman who’s smarter than you is a “dyke,” right? That must make for a pretty lonely life for you, since that pretty much covers ALL OF US. :)

      Go back up to the top of this thread and start reading – again (though I doubt it will help your comprehension). You said:

      “….unlike the Democrats - UNLIKE THE DEMOCRATS (emphasis added) - I won't HATE the guy just because I wanted the other guy to win.“

      And I’m an Independent. Where did you come up with the “Extreme Liberal Leftist” label? You pulled that one out of you’re a**, didn’t you.

      Yeah, right. I’m the one “demonizing” and “generalizing, and you’re way more “tolerant” and “open minded” than I am, lol.

      Let’s see: so far Democrats are “haters” and I’m an “extreme, liberal leftist dyke.” I don’t know David-OUT, maybe you could use some help there with YOUR perspective(like maybe you could ask Santa to bring you some for Christmas).

      You’re the one “demonizing” and “generalizing” – the one hung up on Republicans vs. Democrat, not me. I’m just thrilled the Democrats won and the plug got pulled on stupidity!

      The only thing I have “blind hate” for is stupidity, and if you’re from the “stupid” branch of the Republican Party (and a lot of America’s under-educated class seems to be of that persuasion) that’s really not MY fault.

      And, I'm afraid no amount of MY “chilling” or getting some “perspective” will make you smarter, Dave.

      Your mistake was starting off that sentence with “unlike the Democrats…I won’t hate…”

      First, recognize the “hate” that’s been spewing out of the Republican camp for the last 8 years (Google “Republican hate- and fear-mongering) before you start talking about Democrats “hating” anything.

      Republican hate (Rovian/Atwater political strategy) has severely undermined the stabilizing core of America, and led to 8 wasted years full of degradation, an unprecedented assault on our Constitution, and such a lack of attention to the country’s business (regulation) that our entire financial system collapsed. The effects on America match the definition of Treason. (By the way, we didn’t even begin to explore “political corruption.”)

      And, yes, I am a fanatic about the rampant stupidity that’s a threat to our nation’s very survival. It needs to be (and it's started with Obama) stamped out, for all our sakes.

      Turn off Limbaugh and Beck (total trash mouths, one’s a paid mouthpiece for crooks, the other a bigot) and find you three good sources from three viewpoints (conservative, liberal, progressive) and learn how to think for yourself. If you can read, start your education here:

      Happy Holidays….and Good luck.

    • Now that sounds like a refreshing idea, from someone who is capable of thinking outside the box, so to speak. Why should we be restricted to only chosing between two parties? What if they both Suck Egg, BIG TIME? . . . Why can't we have more choices . . . Israel, which is a Tiny Country, has about 24 diffeent parties . . . and all these parties fight to get a bigger share of the vote . . . the one who gets the biggest share is then expected to form a coalition with other smaller parties, until the sum of all the votes carried by all the parties in the coalition goes over 50% . . . and that coalition gets to be the ruling coalition . . . Now it's not a perfect system . . . but it certainly creates a more democratic, and inclusive environment.

      David - OUT!

    • by the end of his term obama will be remembered as the greatest democratic president of the 21st century

    • "Stop beleiveing the hype of your party."

      That's hilarious! YOU are the one that's been brainwashed by your party!! (I'm an Independent who voted Democrat.)

      Your Limbaugh (whore) and Beck (a total racist) are paid millions of dollars to think for you (because you can't?)!!

      Are you a multi-millionaire? Are you the CEO of a huge corporation. If you're not, you've been voting against your own self-interest your entire life, lol. Duh!

      You people are too dumb to even know when you've been made fools of!! Some rich men got together and decided they needed to amass more political power to ensure they got the power to manipulate the laws of the land to ensure they got even richer, and so they did some brain storming on how to get stupid poor people to vote for their hand-picked puppets. So then they became the party of "God" and emotional issues like Abortion and anti-gay stuff - all buttons guaranteed to get you guys excited and voting for your "values" without ever giving one thought to your own pocket book. And they've successfully kept you in the dark with little or no fear of you ever wising up! (Before Civil Rights, all poor people were Democrats!)

      Pl-u-ease. Yes, you've got one thing right - I can't stand stupid people, and a lot of them seem to be Republicans, lol. But ya'll are more of a joke than something to fear though - so don't claim my contempt to be on the order of "hate."

      Hate and divisiveness are the province of the Republican political machine, not Democrats, who are generally for inclusiveness and fairness for all. Your problem is you you've been BRAINWASHED to believe Democrats are the lias and haters - when the truth is actually the reverse!! You listen to folks all day long that do nothing but reinforce your belief that everyone else is lying, and you should trust no one but your Republican leaders....!! (Have you never wondered what was in it for all those rich guys who needed your vote?!)

      You people are just so isolated in the thick fog of self-affirming propaganda, that you've essentially been dumbed into idiot fools, where you believe the lies you'rw told about who's lying! HILARIOUS! Wise up.

    • The democrats are NOT against guns...You can still own a gun if that's what you want....Most Pubs are gun worshipers and love to hunt and kill for the sport of it.....If i hunted it would be for the meat only...

    • "You've already drunk enough Repunblican poison to make you sound like a Rovian automoton."

      Notice the diffrence between the way I put things Vs. the way you put things . . . I say you drink Leftist Kool-Aid . . . and you retort by saying that I drink "Republican poison" . . . It is exactly this kind of talk that proves you blind hate toward Republicans . . . In your mind republicans are nothing but demons who spew poison . . . It is a fanatic type of rethoric that you seem to adhere to . . . Like I said before, you need toc chill, and put things in perspective . . . Democrats are no less corrupt than Repuplicans as far as politicians are concerened . . . Stop beleiveing the hype of your party.

      It's amusing how you call me an automoton . . . when obviously I am way more tolerant toward the other party, than you are toward republicans . . . That is only because I am more open minded than you, which would be the opposite of a zombie like "automaton" . . . which is again the traits that you are displaying, with your obvious hate filled heart and mind.

      David - OUT!

    • So far, I'm very impressed with the way he handles himself. Appears to be competent and knows what his next step is, unlike the Bozo there now.

    • "You are drinking too much Extreme Liberal Leftist propaganda kool aid :)"

      You've already drunk enough Repunblican poison to make you sound like a Rovian automoton. hard to manage to remain so isolated from enlightened reason that you everything you say sounds like your brain might have stopped developing right after eighth grade.

      Like I said, nothing personal, your "just try to like him" (an obviously brilliant intellect who's done more for America in the last month than Bush and all his losers have in eight years) comment made you my least-tolerable-Repuke-I've-met-today winner. Peace (and do try to get your head out of Limbaugh's lap.)

    • You voted for Mccain but believed in Obama????? Why didn't you just vote for Obama? I originally was leaning toward McCain but after listening to him for a while it was obvious he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. Obama on the other hand, I found very intellectual and impressive. But I didn't vote for either of the douche bags.

      • 1 Reply to fiore_sdsu.alumni
      • What was intellectual and impressive about Obama?

        I'm happy with Obama seems to be doing in that so far he seems to be pulling a Clinton. He is not being true to himself.

        Anyone that has surrounded himself with idiots like William Ayers, Father Flager, Reverend Wright and that ilk--along with having a wife that has never been proud of her country is one of these people. People do not spend their lives surrounded by and socializing with people that they do not agree with.

        However, after Bill Clinton got into office he found that his leftwing policies would lose him the Whitehouse. So he moved to the right.

        Right now Obama is assembling a team of the most fiscally conservative democrats that he can find (e.g. Paul Volker, Warren Buffett, etc.). These people are not the kind of people that want to "spread the wealth around"—at least not while they are still alive. They do not agree with Obama's Marxist belief system. Yet, Obama would rather build his presidency than promote his belief system.

        I suppose that this is a good thing.

        The problem is that he will still appoint Marxists onto the Supreme Court.

      • "But I didn't vote...."

        Why? Just laxy?

        It's folks like you who need to be signaled out for huge tax increases.

        Who knows what other irresponsible stuff you do that is a direct threat to our hard-won American freedom, or the indirect cost of your laziness that's paid by those of us who do understsnd the importance of our obligation as citizens (and some brave enough to make the ulimate sacrifice for it with their lives)and do paricipate in the democratic process. You're nothing but dead weight on the system. Useless.

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