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  • irbbping irbbping Mar 26, 2002 10:19 AM Flag

    critical asian giving shorts a bad rap

    thanks for the brief but accurate analysis on the stock. The key statement is IF they make their #'s. After reading these boards for a while now its always refreshing to see some meat in a persons comments. I don't know which I dislike the worst, the shorts and their distortions and lies or the cheerleaders with no substance to back up their wishes. Would appreciate your thoughts on why we are seeing the prolonged downside here in what looks like both a short term and a long term winner. Admittedly the market has not helped but the stock seems quite a bit weaker than the market.

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    • On Jan 17 EUNI filed an S8 to clear 9 million shares. What was that for, a financing or to let some of the restricted stock become free trading. I wonder if that is the reason the stock is falling.

      It is clear this stock has no support. Basic economics supply is greater than demand.

      The L90 fiasco has further damaged this company. I look forward to the SEC's comments.

      One more story where accounting practices bring doubt to a company's balance sheet and Income Statement.

      I callled this short at 5.50. Stay short and be patient.

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      • Euniverse at one time was one of the companies that I felt would demonstrate that it could profit from its internet business model. In the last two weeks I have witnessed a colapse in its share price. The failure of the L90 merger, shows poorly on management. I have told my friends to sell and will follow the company to see if they can turn this slide in value around. I do not like shorters, as they destroy good companies. I am really upset with the losses in value EUNI has incurred, this company has some potential but I will wait to buy in again when the bottom is found on the value. It is clear that there are alot of sellers, and the insider trading report is full of insiders selling. No support from those inside tells you that there must be something gone wrong.