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  • valuemaster2003 valuemaster2003 Apr 28, 2004 2:42 PM Flag


    Hello everybody:

    RC can deal with the problem with infored, it all depends on the time they can get to pay the 21,000,000 usd. If they get enough time, the can pay the debt with their own resources, if they are required to pay immediatly, they will be in a financially tight position for some time, but with time they will recover(I think they will get the time they need to do it on it�s own resources).
    I recomend that you add the 21mil. to the total debt to make your valuations. In the case the mexican tribunals allow RC to pay less, it will benefit the valuation very much.
    We have a good thing on our side, infored was very expensive for RC, if they manage to reduce the expenses now that infored is gone, they can be even more profitable which would be an excellent thing for us, I am confident they achieve the reductions. Of course revenues will fall, at least during the first months, but the margins will grow.
    Maybe it�s a good thing in the long term that they get rid of infored. It was very expensive for them, maybe to much.
    What is for sure is that infored is loosing more from this situation, they are obviously trying to get advantage while they can.
    On the long term RC will get better. remember it still has more than 40% of the market.
    We have to wait and see what happens with the law suit, that�s all we can do.
    I am buying today, I have already make my calculations, it is a great opportunity so I am in today.

    Good Luck everybody!!!