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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Sep 23, 2012 9:06 PM Flag

    Just 4 U is an assinine concept

    Safeway just lost a 25 year customer

    The concept relies on the ability of the consumer to remember what was added to their acct. why should I have to print out a list? Also, some of coupons are one time uses so how is a consumer suppose to track all this?

    Goodbye Safeway!

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    • Swy's especially cheezy tracking card scheme got us shopping elsewhere too, even though we'd been shopping there for decades and Swy is now just a block away.

      We seldom shop Swy now for anything but loss-leaders. We've reduced our monthly grocery costs considerably [and found better specialty foods] by shopping Kroger, Trader Joe, and Winco. We've also found fewer past-pull-date or close-date perishables on the shelves, encountered none of the old pricing "errors" that curiously always worked in Swy's favor, and avoided the regular embarrassment of checkers compelled to ask if we would like to donate to whatever cause Swy happens to be pimping at the time.

      Unintentionally, Swy's "Just 4 U" scheme has done a good job of educating us and saving us money.

      So we say Thank You, Safeway, for leading us to better stores and better prices, even though we're still neighbors.

      And Thank You, also, to the Einstein who came up with your "Just 4 U" scheme.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • You are supposed to be using a smartphone for it, duh!!