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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Nov 20, 2012 8:44 PM Flag


    Recently, hundreds of Vons customers have voiced their complaints on numerous online blog boards that share their stories of Von's employees ripping them off at the cash register and when returning an item to the store within 10 days of purchasing. Customer's have brought items back that were poor quality and instead of giving the customer a refund, they were given a Von's Gift card for less than the actual cost of the item as shown on original purchase receipt, thus hiding the actual amount being returned to the customer. By the time you used the card, they hope you will have forgotten the prior receipt amount that went on the card for the returned groceries. I have a close friend working at Von's in management, and she has shared with me some very revealing details about how upper management order supervisors, cost. service and cashiers to leverage and short change customers randomly as they feel they can get away with doing so. If caught just admit that it was an oversight. This is a practice that's showing up more and more in the form of complaints across the net's complaint blogs. Vons, Safteway, eBay, Bestbuy and Amazon are a few of the highest number of incidents where customers are being targeted and taken advantage of when money changes hands. IF YOU HAVE A COMPETING GROCER NEAR YOUR HOME WHERE YOU CAN GO TO SHOP VS GOING TO A VONS OR SAFEWAY, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO SO IMMEDIATELY. IT'S JUST A MATTER OF DAYS OR WEEKS UNTIL YOU TOO ARE VICTIMIZED BY VONS/SAFEWAY.

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    • I find your post to be a little unbelievable, so you have these numerous blog boards addresses so we can read these statements? I find is also difficult to believe that anyone in upper management is suggesting that customer should be short changed in any way shape of form. I don't know how you are going to confirm that one other than stating you close friend in management told you so. No company cheats customers for very long, and no customer forgets that they have been cheated. The potential loss would be thousands of times greater than the money they save by cheating customers. So please, if you have any proof, post it, I am sure this would make good reading, but without any real hard evidence, it's just hearsay.

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      • I have a suggestion for you and others who would like to validate the authencity of this post. Go into a Vons or Safeway and buy 7 items and then try to return 6 of the 7 items 4 days later and see what they say at customer service. I guarantee you will be treated like a bag lady and they will #$%$ one way or another. Either they will decline to refund you under their posted 30 day return policy or they will refund you but only in the form of a Vons or Safeway gift card. This poor company is on the skids and final leg. I'm guessing that eventually Vons will need to go into bankruptcy or merge with another grocery chain like Ralphs, etc... Problem is, most other grocers are suffering the same decline in business and income as Safeway/Vons, so the future is really quite bleak for customers, investors, pension holders, and especially the employees of this company. They will be the ones, along with those holding pensions, that feel the pain. THE SERVICE IN SAFEWAY/VONS STORES HAS GONE SOUTH AND IT'S TAKING THEIR ENTIRE COMPANY WITH IT. So please do try the above and see how you're treated. Also please note the locations of the store you did business at and the details of the service you received during your shopping experience...checkout line, waiting time to checkout and friendliness of cashier and evenutualy the customer service person who handled your return 4 days later. I think you will be amazed at what actually happens.

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      • i work at safeway. and i know that is totally wrong, if you want talk about what customer service is people return half dranking milk and says that it was bad, so we eat the shrink aka the lost on that item. the only few times we do not take items back. like if you eat most of it. and then want to return the item. any refrigerated or open product we take a loss on. have you ever worked retail? retail jobs are not easy. we eat loss all the time for customers, we have the best quality customers service, safeway strong company. overall i think this is just a disgruntled customer. who for some reason didnt get their way.

        p.s go to walmart and see how well you get treated

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