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  • dsamaral dsamaral Jan 16, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Looking to invest in SWY, need a push or pull

    I am somewhat new to SWY, stumbled upon it due to message boards for JST somehow. I like much of the stats on SWY and the future for it, but I am a bit curious as to who this FMR LLC institution is that appears to have a 10% ownership stake given the size of their stock holdings.

    Any rational advice and/or opinions on this stock would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    • FMR = Fidelity Management & Research, the investment management arm of Fidelity Investments.

      Top Mutual Fund Holders
      Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
      FIDELITY LOW-PRICED STOCK FUND 12,650,000 5.28 206,321,500 Oct 30, 2012
      FIDELITY EQUITY-INCOME FUND 3,553,819 1.48 60,805,843 Nov 29, 2012

      The biggest secret of the stock market is that most of it is owned by mutual funds who get 2% annual fees from 401K clients for just buying and holding stocks purchased with the clients money. But the 2% annual fees for doing nothing is paltry compared to the 24% annual fees for lending out their clients 401K stock shares to hedge fund shorts who then take down the stock price.

      SWY has 500% more shorted shares than WMT and WMT has 1400% more shares. WMT would be trading below $5 if the equivalent amount of 1.1 billion WMT shares had been shorted.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think ur in a good spot to go long. The chart is looking good for you. The 50 mda is about to cross over the 200 mda and that could very well give us a 1 -2 pop from here. Maybe buy some cheap March 19.00 calls? The stock has been riding the 50 mda since Sept. You could look to buy in around 17.50 with good support. Also the next conf call will be a big day for SWY.

    • Of all the stocks I follow, SWY is the best value.This opinion is based on growth, yield, and the defensive nature of the business that it's in.