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  • sherlock_90210 sherlock_90210 Sep 21, 2013 6:50 PM Flag

    Never intend to shop at Safeway again

    I went into Safeway today to buy Pediasure, Mini Oreos and a bunch of other kids stuff alongwith groceries. I found everything I needed. However, at checkout, I requested a club card since the price difference without the card was quite high. They had no club cards!!. I then requested an employee if she could swipe her own since they were out of cards and I had already spent an hour shopping. Quite tersely, she replied "We don't do that here Sir".

    At that point, I left over $100 worth of groceries and kids stuff at the counter. I plan to never shop at Safeway again. Just wanted to let upper management know if they were wondering why everyone is flocking to QFC in
    this area.

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    • You are probably right, they didn't have club cards in the checkstands, but I would be more than willing to bet that they had them at customer service. I don't believe that a single store in the company wouldn't have club cards in the store. By the way, as a former employee I can tell you that the clerk was right, it is against company policy to knowingly swiping a different card, let alone her own. If you want to shop somewhere else, as obviously you have up till now, then shop there. It amazes me that so many people walk into any store and believe that they can tell management how to run it after less than an hour in the store.. JMO

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      • Safeway needs a better solution for new club card sign ups. Charging someone full price then making them wait at customer service for a refund if they have no card is no way to treat a new potential customer. What if this person just moved to the neighborhood and has this hassle? Do you really think they will return to the store? Given all of the competition. Every other store with a card issues them at the checkstand upon customer request and the customer gets discounts immediately.

        I believe Safeway tries to make it harder for people to get club cards in an effort to get "one time visitors" to pay full price, therefore helping margins in Safeway's various tourist area stores.

        It would not kill Safeway to, like CVS, like Kroger, like various other retailers, have a "dummy card" carried by the manager on duty that does not accrue rewards but does discount prices for people who have no card.

      • I've watched at least two times in Safeway Stores during evening hours where a customer asks for a club card and is denied sign up because "customer service is closed." They are charged full price and invited to return to the store "during the day" to sign up for a card and obtain a refund.

        I've also seen some posts on the Safeway Facebook to this effect.

        Unfortunately, I believe it.

        Incidentally I was at a Harris Teeter a couple months ago and they would not give me their card unless I gave them ID (I refused). Then they were a bit uppity about using a store card but when I told them to cancel the purchase if I did not get the discounts, they agreed.

      • I agree with you. Customer service is about accommodating unknown situations. I walked into the store knowing full well that a card is needed to get the discounts. My mistake was also assuming that the said card would be easily available as it usually is in hundreds of other stores. I did not think that any corporation in this day and age would happily let a customer walk out for a folly of their own (ie running out of said cards and having no backup mechanism in place).

        The solution is simple, vote with your pocket and that is what i did 0 JMHO :)

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    • I'm not believing that story. Out of club cards????!!?! nonsense. They always have club cards and want to sign people up.

    • You just needed to get a Club card at the Customer Service counter. What good is a club card if the data is skewed by just pulling one out of a drawer or your neighbors wallet? One reason ABS abandoned their program...skewed data

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