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  • grassrootscribber grassrootscribber Jan 30, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

    No interest

    This stock has done very well in recent months, is on the AAII Shadow Stock Portfolio and is presenting at a big health care conference soon. However there are no recent message board posts. Why?

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    • No interest (at lest in posting) is spot on! I myself have more or less thrown in the towel on anything to do with message board postings.

      Right or wrong, positive comments are labeled as shills' efforts, while negative comments are as the shorts'. Factual information is a click or two away. Technical Analysis is attacked by those espousing a fundies-only approach. And yet "fundamentalists" who rely on various ratios are apt to buy into value traps. To wit: Almost all the banks that went belly up since 2008 looked like screaming buys on BV, PS, or cash-to-book bases. Plenty of people, including millionaire insiders who should have known better, lost some big BIG money relying those metrics.

      Institutional ownership for CSU, as of 12/31/11 is mostly not yet available; the relevant institutions have mostly not yet reported. (One of my perennial beefs with FMR is its relatively late reporting. FMR is where, BTW, I have several accounts!) There is a stubbornly high SI on CSU. I don't know if it's being driven by the specter of Obamacare, or something else the shorts may be hanging their hats on. It's a red flag IMO.

      So ... what can an previously habitual poster like Yours Truly hope to add these days? Not much, actually. But I will say this: With next week's presentation (2/8/12, UBS, in NYC) I would hope to see at least a little something in the way of a move. I hope it's to the upside; TA suggests it might be, though Friday's opening gap above the upper BB was doubtless a green light for the shorts to do as shorts are wont, keep on shorting. Apart from being short-term overbought, my TA has CSU looking pretty positive. And blah, blah, blah....

      The final analysis: buying, shorting, or steering clear of a stock are all personal/individual judgment calls, right? IMO anyone who has relied on, or factored in something they read on these message boards (in any significant or substantial way) is quite probably the poorer for having dose so.

      My two cents.

      FD: Long. Lifetime member of the AAII.

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