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  • qquintel qquintel Jan 18, 2002 2:16 PM Flag

    I have to say....

    after this sizable runup, I'm sorely tempted to take some profits here...otoh, the stock has blazed past resistence on good volume and on another down day for the general market--very bullish... is I haven't a clue what is going on, or what to do.


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    • I'm not going to argue w/you about VVUS on the QMDC board, 'cept to say I guess you're one of the idiot short bashers getting destroyed by VVUS recent move. Actually I doubt that too, as you can't lose my $$ only shorting 100 shares. As for QMDC, the HIMSS conferemce begins next Sunday, & should be another catalyst for new highs...

    • TWO analysts, not ONE, cover VVUS, and you're right, they know more than I do about VVUS, and THEY say that VVUS will lose ).27 this year, and $0.41 next year versus a profit last dumb shit. I am a major long on QMDC. Learn some basic math...the English language...and read previous posts.

    • I would say the analyst that covers VVUS knows more than you. And yes, QMDC could see $30 if they continue making $$. This stock reminds me a lot of MIMS, check the chart there. I guess you're short QMDC? Not to bright...

    • I cannot know what you will do. Nor should I tell you what you SHOULD do. I can only guess that you bought Q knowing its stock was extremely undervalued (oversold) while knowing:

      a) The previous management caused the sell-off.
      b) The current management has turned things around to avoid bankruptcy.
      c) The Q now has a bright future, understood by knowing the business they are in and the products they offer.
      d) The debt is dissappearing.
      e) Real earnings are appearing.

      While the current value was (previously) unimaginable to those of us who bought a ton (and what I have I consider a ton) at flea market prices, there may well be a lot of shareholders who have opened positions in the last couple weeks with the intention of holding until the value is (what to them would be) unimaginable.

      There are many reasons to sell. All are based on either WANT or NEED. I have not yet determined that I need to sell. I do not base my investment decisions on 'want'.

      With the current opinion of some analysts who finally came round to say that this stock is a good buy for the reasons of b, c, d and e above, that leaves (for the most part) only short-term traders (which includes those taking the ultimate risk by selling short) who would be selling at this time.

      People wrote them off for dead in the last half of 2000. Your 'stop' indicates you are more aligned with short-term traders. But that's OK. It must be what you NEED to do! :-)