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  • the results and the conference call really that bad?

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    • 300k before tax operating earnings on 32+mil in sales - do the math. This is Larry's baby now, no blaming past management. Where's the revenue growth? Where's the spending discipline? Did I hear Mark say that 4 mil was paid out in bonuses - hasn't that management team made enough off of the options? They have done nothing but implement some Mgmt 101 strategies (costs in line with revenue, blah blah blah). I had a feeling that PWC was going to reign in the revenue numbers (more conservative recognition policies), but I thought they would still have at least 35 mil. Larry's team is getting rich on this deal, I hope they don't forget to take the shareholders along. Just a little pissed at the moment and just my opinions. By the way, they kept talking about revenue trends from last year - here they are - 1st Qtr 32.8m, 2nd Qtr 33.7 mil, 3rd Qtr 28.08 mil, 4th Qtr 34.9 mil - I see the first half of last year at 66.46 mil - second half at 62.975 - and the second half includes a big 4th qtr number (probably goosed by management) - so there wasn't a trend up in the second half of the year as they implied - Mark needs to start learning these numbers before he spouts off. Just my opinions.