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  • acctosu acctosu Jun 17, 2005 12:48 PM Flag

    If your LONG you MUST read this!!!

    Read the link above.

    I would love to hear what some of you have to say about their financial statements. maybe some of you can even take the time to do some financial or accounting ratios and post them for all of us.

    Im still learning this so it takes me a while to analyze this stuff. So I am hoping someone out there is seasoned enough to help all of us out.

    Please if you don’t understand this stuff don’t post about it!! We all know research costs money. I’m just waiting for some idiot to post " they lost ###### dollars in 2004"

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    • they make a couple of very clear statements

      on page 22 under operating results/ overview

      they state they do not expect any revenues from product sales untill at least the second half of 2006

      on page 26 under future cash needs

      they state they have cash and cash equivilents to fund operations till at least june 06

      draw your own conclusions

    • before you put your money in this dog you have to realize that they have been feeding us with lies and bullshit quite some time now. Who doesn't remember their promise for a Dragonfly demo about a year ago. Postponed once, postponed twice and now we still are not there. Wonder what they say now. Maybe something like last time. That it is good that it has been postponed because then they can prepare even better.

      Things they say they will do are not done and I am afraid that all the lies about the comfortable financial position they are in will promise to be just one of their other lies. This company is bad news. Stay away if you didn't loose your ass already.

      This company has proven that they are a recipy for disaster. Just look at the chart. This is a horrible company. All our money indirectly found its way in their pockets. Nothing has been finished and the money is gone.