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  • sleepyosu sleepyosu Aug 24, 2005 1:35 AM Flag


    New FULL LINE OF Munitions- Pay really close attention here

    I expect to see

    Thermobaric rounds

    (The Thermobaric [TB] Weapon Demonstration will develop a weapon concept that is based on a new class of solid fuel-air explosive thermobarics. The term "thermobaric" is derived from the effects of temperature (the Greek word "therme" means "heat") and pressure (the Greek word "baros" means "pressure") on the target. The weapon could be used against a certain type of tunnel targets for a maximum functional kill of the tunnels.)

    Flechette rounds

    Training rounds

    High Explosive Air Bursting rounds


    Crowd control gas and powder

    stun cartridge

    The stun cartridge can be used in situations where rapid dispersal of crowd is required, for suppression of sniper fire from residential building, or when hostile civilians are trying to approach. The effective range of the ammunition is between zero to 30 meters, as firing creates the noise and pressure/blast similar to a live cartridge, though without the metal fragmentation. It also produces a cloud of smoke with plastic pellets.

    You NEED to Understand what Success Means here.
    !!!ATK!!! tried and FAILED yes their SP is in the 70’s their attempt was with the XM25 Air-Burst Assault Weapon

    “David Crane
    P.S. In my reply to Eddy, I forgot to mention the problems that the OICW/XM29 reportedly had with its air-bursting munitions. DefRev has been told that the development team ran into some difficulty in getting the concept to work reliably. However, DefRev doesn't remember the specific problems, at the moment. However, we do remember hearing about a round (or possibly rounds, plural) exploding at the wrong time, i.e. while still inside the weapon. We're not sure whether or not this actually happened. In other words, we haven't confirmed it.”


    While we will fully comply with the disclosure requirements in all markets where Metal Storm's stock is traded,

    (((((((((((((((((((as it moves beyond the innovation phase and engages more in product implementation programs with customers. You should also know that there may be circumstances where Metal Storm is prohibited by US or Australian law from disclosing information that is associated with certain projects that the Company is involved with. )))))))))))))))))))))

    SO WHAT ELSE DONT YOU know about???

    Also lets not forget the DOE DEAL the 27th is fast approaching also if you read the OFFICIAL metalstorm DOE release it sounds like they already might have tested their munitions!!!!!!

    HOLD ON SHES GONA EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!! 7$ 10$ 25$ 60$ see you all early good luck to all those who get this before close in OZ!!

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    • I have a job...and currently I am Studying for a final so I don't care to edit my messages for grammar. I will post later on ATK look for it sometime tuesday. As tonight i am moving to a new house after my final at 630 and friday morning i leave for busniess in Texas ill be back monday to finish unpacking. and you will get a reply than. do some research...the downside potential is VERY LOW. I will chance a 100%-1000% gain on a loss potential of a few cents. by the way it keeps going up.

    • Sorry sleepy, with due respect to mott (one of my favorite bands, FWIW), he in no way covered any similarities between ATK and MTSX beyond an even more general comparison than that you made, namely that they're both in the defense industry.

      As I thought, you're full of shit and you'll keep posting the BS until the stock tanks, at which point you'll be whining re some imaginary shorts.

      Grow up, kid, and get a job . . . you're obviously not studying, at least your grammar. LOL.

    • mottthepupil just covered ATK for you. Thanks mottthepupil

      As for being covered for losses: first off I have no need to worry the sp will hit 7 within weeks. Secondly I would break even if this thing hit 70 cents or so.

      Please don’t concern your self about me it would take a lot of punishment here for me to even start to feel uncomfortable

      And your on crack if you think you can convince me that you bash this stock for fun your are short and your emotions show it vividly!

      Honestly your probably not a bad guy, but it makes me very mad that you are misleading many people and that your are tasteless along with many of your buddies. You all post misleading or TOTALLY false information.

    • ATK has a beautiful longer term chart, but it has been dead money for last 4 years. Do the 3 month comparison between ATK and MTSX and you see why people are getting excited. What if MTSX is in the same position ATK was in in 1990, before T Rowe Price helped itself to $200,000,000 worth. Defense stocks are in the sweet spot, may be for a long time, and ATK is a perfect example of why buy and hold works...

    • Hey, twirp, you're delirious . . . . believe it or not, I'm not short.

      So, what's the answer to my question re the comparison to ATK . . . . none, or are you admitting you're just a bullshit artist?

    • In what way would you like to pay off your loss?

      How long and how many times does it take you to get nailed before you loose all your captial?

      In what way do you feel about the fact that your going to eat more tommrow, that your going to find out in Oz and be helpless to do anything about it until premarket; that is of course except for lttering the boards with more propaganda?

    • Hey dufus . . . . in what way do you think this company in any fashion resembles or is comparable to ATK? Simply because they both make munitions?

      Do some research, dipshit.

    •'re starting to catch on - this is an improvement - now to METAL STORM'S immediate and long term prospects.

      Very, very good I think.

    • LOL. Did think about that! D- eh!

    • "with the fairy's"... with the fairy's what? friend!
      Sorry one thing you learn as a spy is to place the apostrophe correctly - in this case you have failed your mission 25!
      You should have written "away with the fairies..."
      So you have failed in your English usage and, it seems, a big fail is coming up in your call on the amazing METAL STORM.

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