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  • astojic86 astojic86 Aug 26, 2005 4:20 AM Flag

    nuclear weapons no match for MS

    Big news from Australia, metal storm will be able to shoot down nuclear weapons as they approach a city. Metal storm will cut down the nuke as it is above the city and cause it to explode in the air as a result killing even more civilians, from the radition spreading. MS is conducting an anti nuke study.

    what could the news really be ???

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    • ed2000nl (my mood has turned to the positive side on MTSX)You must be a woman, next month you will be in here bitching next time you get your RAGS. (I expect the stock to turn to an uptrend) it's been in an uptrend for the last 40 days. WASPY1

    • my mood has turned to the positive side on MTSX. I expect the stock to turn to an uptrend. A bit like STST (company where Smith worked a few years back) has behaved since 9/11/2001. I am trying to catch dips to add to my position. Ofcourse the big spike up will occur once the contract is a done deal but we might be way higher when that happens.

    • you said it better than I did - for sure - the market loves knowing in advance! And again, Smith, when he came onboard, said "listen to me, when I talk I mean it!"

      And aren't we starting to know it now.

    • as always in "investing" once the company comes with the news (the contract everybody is waiting for) the price will be 20$ already. Look for instance at the chart of CVTX. In november 2004 it started running. The reason it started is because the company gave clarity about the timeline in which it could be expected that their drug (Ranexa) would hit the market. At this moment they still do not have FDA clearance but look at the price now.

      In my opinion the market takes Smiths words seriously when he says that a multi million $$ contract will come within 12 to 18 months. The stock price is anticipating.

    • No more fluff!!!!!!!!! Tell us how much the so called boeing contract is worth? Since he took over and said their will be LESS announced, and what is will be to the point etc etc, there have been more announcements and comment, all of which to long termers can be seen for what it is. I am glad for anyone who has made a few bucks recently.

    • You mean 15 times an hour surely!

    • but David Smith said there would be no more fluff. There is nothing fluffy about the DoE, Boeing or DPX. What you're saying is you want to see where it all leads to. What will they give metal storm in the end. Well old son if you wait till then you won't be paying $3 per share - of that I am sure.

    • How about 293-5!

    • Personally, I don't care if you change your tone, change your clothes, take a bath, or stick your head in the sand. I would like to see you quit whinning without saying anything meaningful 15 time a day on this message board.

    • Things are no clearer now than they were two years ago. Little or nothing has changed at the moment. When they put something meaningful out and fully inform the market of it's value THEN i will change my tone.

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