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  • magalmaniac magalmaniac Feb 8, 2006 6:33 PM Flag

    Tommorrow will be another 10% gain.4.35

    Green Green Dollars....

    More News should bve coming.....Fox News Today....will be CNN tommorrow...Cramer NBC next.....Green Green

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    • Actually, you've made squat on your investmens. The only ones who will have earned anything on this POS are the ones who have already sold.

      Have you learned nothing form your witless months here, twit?

      Don't you see that every thime you see this chart in Oz you will suffer a 30-60% decline in the value of the stock within a week or two?

      Can you grasp the concept that this is a very slick pump and dump that today is premised on an announcement that the POS' supposed product is delayed until two years out, which is the seventeenth delay they've announced since I started watching this POS in 2004?

      Man, you guys are dense.

      Put on the lampshades and party, suckers, because it will be back to loserville for you soon enough.

    • Apparently if your traded on the asx and you sp changes more than 10% in a day the exchange wants to give you a 'speeding ticket', I think its like getting sent to the principals office.

      notice how the adr changed exactly 10% today?

    • its not really gnus

      its exposure

      nothing new

      the coolest part of the video was the talon
      which didnt happen to me mentioned

      nor that its set for deployment without any mtsx armaments

      note DS didnt correct the talking head about firing a million rounds a minute

      guess he depends on her, and all viewers, to check the 11/05 presentation. the page on myths and misconceptions