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  • joey_da_bu11 joey_da_bu11 Apr 26, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    wow im surprised this stock isnt in teens by now.

    makin it easy to pick up.. no risk no reward!! this is america.. bashers can go to hell!!

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    • I am a professional investor and trader. Its astonishing that this stock still trades at 4 cents. If you calculate in the 4M they will book in revenue that ads about 5 cents to to the bottom line. If you take into account that the owner bought at 5 cents that should secure at least a 5 cents floor on the stock. When you take into account that PHOTS Growth is a much better opportunity then hemp, MJNA, and CBIS because its not illegal to sell growing equipment. Yes you can argue that PHOTS financials suck because their net income is negative but what i see is a company who knows how to make money but simply reinvests it into growth for the business. Ask yourself If you were the ceo and someone gave you 600k would you reinvest it into the business or keep it for yourself.

      A smart ceo would reinvest the 600k and make back 5M.

      I am saving up a bit more money then im probably going to buy 100k shares.

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    • Bashers lost their $$ already. Its kind of like a divorce, they are #$%$ and take it out on the next guy, Lol.

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      • This stock is waiting on Washington and colorado to open up legal recreational shops and stores to buy and grow your own Marijuana. This will not take effect till the new year around january 1st 2014, so i would imagine leading up to this shift lots of grow life's product will be purchased. Also this stock is one of those stocks where psychology has more to do with it then the math. It is much cost efficient to grow your own marijuana then buy it everyday. Just wait up we go and imagine the whole country legalizing recreational use and the countries to follow. This stock could and very well may be gold.

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