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  • solar25 Mar 3, 2010 8:32 PM Flag



    Of the lehman collapse and the financial meltdown.

    regions morgan keegan, neuberger berman and pimco were at the heart of the theft and meltdown

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    • Nice to meet a fellow atheist.I too lost a lot of money on NRO and am wondering whether I should get back into it.

    • Say Solar...why don't you move your sad, pathetic self somewhere else. If you actually did lose your ass at NRO...IT WAS YOUR FAULT.

    • Yeah , pretty sure hell awaits those who shoot others in the face with shotguns... gotta double check my bible literature on that one.

    • haha I completely agree

      the market crash was a once and lifetime opportunity for people to build future wealth

      Being rather young, 26. I had a significant portion of my holdings in the market at the time.... then kept putting all my earnings in as it crashed. after i lost a bit, i switch it mostly to corporate bond mutual funds which more than made the losses up and REITs.

      Now I have some great positions. Up 800 % in GKK-PA, 600% in MPG-PA. Up 50+% on a bunch of other reits and income stocks (BPP,PSY, PSW). I own NRO in IRAs just under 3... income flow should get good at these levels and when REITS up distributions in a few years it will be a home run with NRO passes them along.

      Looking back in a few years I will be amazed at the steals this "market crash" provided

    • It is tough to go through what you have been through. I have made that mistake twice. Unfortunately, in the society in which you live, a lot of the burden of providing for your retirement is on your own shoulders. Whether this should be the case is another discussion altogether (I do not believe it should be).

      However, you are going through the well documented stages of grieving. You are angry, and your anger is currently directed at an easy target (much easier than directing it at yourself or the overall country in which you live).

      As to "god" coming for a "bloody and violent" revenge, well, this is laughable, especially to atheists such as myself. I'm afraid the world is drawn in shades of gray, not black and white, and that you would see even by looking at your own life, which you will have to do once you pass this period of anger.

    • Don't forget ignorant. I called you that too.

      March 2009 provided many great opportunities to recoup any losses. Did you take advantage of them, or did you sit in the corner like a scared kid blaming the world for your problems and looking for a hand out? Instead of buying the bottom, it broke your spirit and you bailed and now you've missed out on huge gains.

      I am not sorry the big bad investment world bent you over a log.

    • Hey solar! Eat my shorts. Your're a lazy dick head. Why don't you ignore this board and hit the road.

    • Seriously, You need to go back on your psych medications and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of

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