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  • regisucks2000 regisucks2000 Apr 9, 2006 4:21 PM Flag

    Where are the jobs?


    11 of the past 12 months the jobs reports meets expectations. Then they revise downward the previous months. This means the jobs report has actually MISSED the past 12 months.

    I went to the grocery store and the cashier and bag guy both were complaining how bad the economy was getting.

    I then went to get an estiamate on getting my car fixed(It got sideswiped friday night when parked) and the guy was telling me He could fix a scratch on the other side cheap because he knows how tight the money is in htis economy.

    Now is it because I live in CLeveland that we see the downturn first? I just don't see a robust eceonomy here.

    NCB which is based in Cleveland has signed a HUGE IT outsourcing deal with Wipro an Indian company. That hurts a town when they outsource good paying IT jobs.

    WHERE are the jobs being created? I hjust don't see it. Maybe all teh 12 million Illegals are getting them.

    I think they made a mistake marching in the streets like they did. Most Americans were not aware of the scale of the problem until they saw them Marching en Masses in the streets waving a Mexican Flag. Bad PR move.

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    • The jobs are being created in agriculture. NAFTA made it possible for the US to export lots of corn and other ag products to Mexico. That wiped out a lot of peasant jobs in Mexico. So the guys that were making a meager living in Mexico on small plots have to look for work. They come to the US and get jobs in our ag sector. Check out, for example, who is working the smelly, nasty jobs on the mega-hog farms and in the meat packing plants. Thanks, NAFTA.

    • regis --

      1) there are no jobs except mcjobs.

      2) fox television is now the most watched news service, and they certainly aren't going to tell you.

      3) everything has been dumbed down to the point that people believe whatever they hear on TV rather than what they see before their own eyes.

      4) intelligent commentary is ridiculed. smart people are derided and marginalized.

      5) we're going down, babe. our own arrogance is what is going to do us in.

      -- i wish for one sweet moment, we could see some genuine outrage on the television. that guy who confronted george last week at one of his sanitized rallies was a start (and, wow, that guy better have a good accountant and better not even litter until 2008).... but i wish rather than all the polite blather from the people "criticizing" the administration, we see some genuine, honest outrage.

      this is karl rove's america now -- dumb as a post and easily led.

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