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  • danegg7 danegg7 May 23, 2006 12:59 AM Flag

    Bernanke tomorrow

    Save the $$$ or save the market??? Dang I would hate to be in his shoes, but I bet he pumps the dollar.

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    • ..."i'm freaked trying to figure out where to shelter my assets so they retain some value."

      Beer and cigarettes, hershey bars.

      I see some very late trades in IWM crossing, trying to boost the price and hide the AH meltdown. It was below 70 until the shenanigans.

    • giddy,

      i got to say, i don't think the guy's up to the job. that said, who would be?

      that said, i guess it would help if bernanke weren't a bush lap dog, and would do what it takes to turn this situation around, or at least try.

      the thing that blows my mind is how the average guy is going to be totally blindsided by what happens. me, i knwo, and i'm freaked trying to figure out where to shelter my assets so they retain some value.

    • OK, one weird coincidence post:

      You all chose the OTTR YMB randomly, but talk often about the Fed and Bernanke (and Greenspan before him.)

      A man sits at the table with Bernanke (and Greenspan before him.) His name is Mark Olson. So here's the coincidence:

      1. What is fed governor Mark Olson's home town?

      2. What tiny American city did regional electric utility (and mini-Berkshire Hathaway, according to Motley Fool) Otter Tail Power Company (OTTR) start business?

      schulzffdj (The 'ff' is for Fergus Falls.)

      OK, so I contributed one dinky thing you've probably all heard before.

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      • Karma!

        and here we are bashing his life's work.

      • dan,
        i think we've seen over the last two months that he tries his damndest to have it both ways. i don't expect the Fed to do anything different this week -- in fact, if you noticed they got all the governors out on the road, speaking all over.

        1/2 are talking about the need for more increases
        the other 1/2 are talking "pause"

        both ways, that's what he's trying to do. what i don't think they seem to realize is that this kind of stuff is really eroding Bernanke's credibility. Every one of these wiffle waffle days, i have less confidence in him and his ability to handle the crises we can all see coming 1000 miles away in the dollar.

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