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  • irobotphn irobotphn Feb 14, 2011 9:28 AM Flag

    Seeking Cheap Shares

    OK, so another clown on seeking alpha is pretending to be an analyst. Kepp in mind folks this guy is no different from anyone that posts opinions on this board. And he admitted selling before earnings and that he wants back in lower. The timing of this "article" sugests to me that he expected a stronger sell-off that he could buy back into, because SOLR always sells off after earnings. He saw late last week that the sell-off was done and he missed it. So now he's attempting to trigger another sell-off so he can buy in. I'm not selling him my shares and I don't buy his price range. There is no bubble and there is no way this pulls back below 9. Furhtermore a little PE expansion is due based on the Co's strong performance and conservative guidance.

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    • I don't know about sweet spot, as I don't know what you mean by that. Maybe that its entering LED market as well?

      But I agree that long term, or even over 2-3 months SOLR may outperform the solar stocks yet. What is instructive is to look at some 5 year charts. Solar companies look weak, and in just a modest, very slight uptrend right now. Some of that is because the great boom the stocks experienced in 2007-2008 makes the current rally look insignificant. But even in the last year and a half, they aren't really doing anything that would make one want to put money in them. SOLR has a nice uptrend going though. The only reason I worry about SOLR is because the solar stocks are not that healthy. I think the Chinese solar companies are expanding because they don't know what else to do. But some of them are going to perish. Are any of them diversifying? That would be prudent. Just as SOLR has moved into supplying other types of manufacturing.

    • If you are trading shorter term horizons, yes, if you hold long SOLR is in a sweet spot.

    • Its nice you put this out, to "guard the troops" so to speak. Could be the Dr. expected an bigger selloff. I however, take him at his word, that he's talking about a price range over the next year, and that SOLR could work down to the numbers he's talking about if there is some lapse in orders or retraction of orders. Look what happened to SOLR last Fall. I just take it as "a word to the wise". I keep the CC guidelines that he mentions always in the back of my mind. I can have many other possibilities to put my money in if I think SOLR is going to drop for a month or two. The fact that I'm in and have a sentiment of "hold" now has absolutely nothing to do with how I may be thinking next week. If people on this board need a stock to stay in, year after year. SOLR is still, in my opinion, a good choice. But not all of us are like those who post here the most that act like they are depending on SOLR forever, regardless. I am one who will change favorites in a flash, if something better comes along, or if SOLR looks due for a period of weakness. So I'm glad the Seeking Alpha article is out there. I'll take in every bit of information I can from any source and see how it digests. My personal opinion, at the moment, is that SOLR is moving under the command of people who don't even look at a yahoo message board OR Seeking Alpha. So I don't think an article or a blurb here will affect the market. But it does help to make some people feel better about their holding, and give a little insight. We all can use that, so thanks for your input.

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      • I agree with you, in that anything can and does happen short term. The fact that he made some good long terms points showed that he likes the stock long term. Yet extracting small snips from the over-all conf and giving them a negative spin was telling as to his intentions. I'm an investor first (80%) and trader second (20%). I bought a dumptruck load (25K Shares) of SOLR at 6.7 in Nov and made a nice profit. I have sold 65% near the highs. If that sounds like I have my previous percentages backwards it just speaks to how positive I was that that low was an extreme aberation. I normally buy for long term and make small trades around pops and sell-offs.


        PS - PWER is currently my big buy price aberation..

    • Yes coming from a guy who calls himself Dr. Duru what else can you say. He's a joke!

    • I agree. I used to think that Seeking Alpha (and I still do to a certain extent) offered valuable and reasonable research and advice. However this article and one recently published on BPT suggest to me that the title headlines are unnecessarily inflammatory as if to incite emotion within the investor. BPT (Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust) which yields almost 10% dropped almost 20 points on an article titled "The most overvalued Trust of all". The stock bounced back immediately then slipped some and recovered some. Sorry to talk about anything but SOLR but it seems this article proposed to incite a similar reaction, and there are others too but these first and foremost. Needless to say DD should prevent such articles as having any sway but it begs the question, does Seeking Alpha have an agenda with a hedge fund?

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      • Looks like the Dr and his freinds came through and gave us all one star... Too funny!

        About todays actions, I really could care less, in fact drop it back to $9 shorty, I'll reload to the gills again.

        Long term isn a year or two this is a $20++ stock.


      • I do beleive seeking alpha is in general a short tool. Just keep in mind, from what I can tell just about anyone can publish, no credentials required, no liability since they are not associated with a company that could get a black eye from it..

      • I look at Seeking Alpha as a flea market of analysis. There is some good stuff but you have to wade through a lot of junk. My recommendation is to find authors who do their homework and ignore the wannabees.

        Unless you are a day trader, don't worry about manipulation. Over 75% of this company is owned by institutions and they are not in this to bail at $12. Most of them are in this because they think this is a $20 stock eventually. Bad news is that this leaves 25% retail ownership which can be volatile.

        Be patient (if you believe in SOLR). Good fundamentals trump manipulation in the long run every time.