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  • hageneriksson hageneriksson Nov 14, 2012 7:18 PM Flag

    Another bolt on acquisition to bolster the sapphire business. Keep up the good work management

    in fact they will have to invest heavily into the development of the technology - Twin Creeks Technologies burned through $93 mln in venture capital and still the product seems to be at least two years from generating any revenues.

    What do you think how much GTAT will have to invest here ? $25 mln? $50mln?

    Most likely the figure will be closer to $100 mln as expenditures typically climb exponentially at the end of the development work. They just don't have this money.

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    • chelle calls anyone shorty that challenges management. If I didn't know better I would think chelle is TG's sock puppet. LOL

      BTW, your Twin Creeks points are spot on.

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      • 5 Replies to chimakot
      • The technology is developed. See the articles posted. They announced it sales ready earlier this year. They had several plants operating to make panels. We'll have to see how GTAT plans to use it. Seems like a very low risk acquisition given the purchase terms, with a whole lot of upside potential.

        Chimakot, if by some slim chance you actually own shares, you should sell. You have no business owning shares in a company that you #$%$ on this much, have this little belief in, and simply just don't understand (at all). Move on. You'll be happier, and so will everyone else.

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      • Yeah, you're a real saint for sticking around and bashing day in and day out. Good thing we have you as a beacon of truth to show us all the error of our ways. What would we ever do without the likes of you. But you don't have an agenda, do you, because you are supposedly long the stock? Thanks for the community service.

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      • Challenges management? You don't do that you whimper, whine, complain and totally see no reason to hold the stock because you are too busy spinning any negative you can regarding the company.

        I don't like when management has sold stock, not counting vesting of options/rsu tax sales and I did not like the foolish $100M buyback. But strategically, this management team has made some fantastic moves. You would never know it by the stock price because their markets are fragile/weak right now and these tariffs and the potential trade war is hurting them, pretty much out of their control.

        Sounds to me like they made a very good move here. Only using $10M for the technology upfront and everything else based on sales generated.

        If you do actually own the stock PLEASE SELL NOW AND SHORT. You and all the longs on this board will be happier.


        If we are not going into a prolonged recession or depression, this company has the potential to be a monster.

        Of course it could still go down 100% from here worst case. It could also go up several times that over the coming years and that's where I'm betting.

      • I'm here to ensure investors hear both sides of the story. I was once a believer in this company, but management's actions, especially the insider selling in August prior to the earnings bombshell, left me disillustioned. I want to make sure that the PUMP is countered by reality, not hype and hyperbole. BTW, you're a master of both...congrats.

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      • chelle, I'm not bashing, far from it. I'm just keeping it real.

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