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  • krug82 krug82 Nov 21, 2012 9:39 PM Flag


    Let's vote. Those who think Chimakot adds value to the board give this post a thumbs up, those that feel otherwise thumbs down.

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    • No value added and "That's keeping it real." We can all see the stock price and what the sectors that GTAT is in are doing. So we know this is a rough patch at minimum, but he even wants management fired which makes no sense. Do people honestly think if TG were fired on Monday that the stock price would go up? I think that would be the best chance to have this stock head towards $1.

      Chelle, on the other hand posts valuable information regarding GTAT's technology and is clearly a very bright guy.

      Now, all that said we all know the stock has taken a beating and things are rough in GTAT's markets at the moment but if they can keep making their picks and shovels uncovering more efficiencies to the end product while demand picks up again, this stock will rise again. These guys are a best of breed type company, it's a matter of their markets picking up and them creating new markets where feasible to create returns on capital.

      Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy time with your friends and family.

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      • Good post Hapi. I despise willful ignorance and purposeful deceit, therefore I find it difficult not to lambast Chimakot every time he opens his foolish mouth. I have put him back on ignore, again. GTAT has some challenges in the next 1-2 quarters which they have been very candid about. It would also help to have some small measure of cooperation from the macroeconomy and the credit markets. In their current "3 legged stool", only the PV business underperformed last quarter. Virtually all of the shortfall came in this business segment. Some of this had to do with oversupply issues in this sector, but some of it may be that they are the victim of their own success. Their new product, HiCZ, will render their older technology obsolete. I suspect that customers are waiting for HiCZ and have no desire to invest in GTAT's legacy PV products which are soon to be outdated. Hence, we have a stall in the PV business segment until the roll out of HiCZ. The company appears to be cognizant of this. We will see if they get much interest in the upgrade path for the legacy furnaces. There is not an upgrade path to HiCZ, it is a standalone technology. Good Thanksgiving to you as well...

        Sentiment: Buy