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  • pgpgo pgpgo Dec 4, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

    sick to my stomach.....

    in my worst nightmares never ever saw gtat under four from up 3 grand to now down 12....not much to say except at this point not buying or selling.......time will tell....and now patience.....this price is a joke but i am in margin so now sit...for how many years?

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    • next time try my "breadcrumb" investment strategy and u wont be in your position..u said u were up 3000 at that point in time you should have liquidated all but your profit amount of shares ie held 3000$ worth at whatever the price was your profit would be down BUT still a profit AND house money..i day trade in positions with one goal in aquire free/aka house this past week i bought shares at 3.02 after the move to 3.40 i sold ALL but the amount of shares over my initial invest i got my money back plus held 2000 free shares of gtat..same w BAC..bought at 8.90 sold ALL but shares over my initial investment today..if you repeat this over and over, u build a nice HOUSE portfolio, but only a limited % of your capital at risk at any time and can sleep well. GL

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      • That's a TERRIBLE approach, you'll never make much and in fact often you'll be on the losing end of things if your bet goes south instead of north, with no investment rationale to justify holding on.

      • I've never understood the concept of "free shares" in the context of investing. This idea seems more in line with heading to a casino. When I go to a casino, I intend to lose a certain amount. If I win, awesome. I don't take the same view of investing. At the end, I intend to make money. There is no way a person like the one above should undertake the day trading style of investing; the risk is too high. If a person has access certain computer systems, it probably could work on a regular basis. However, by and large, market timing doesn't work. But, the person above doesnt likely have access to any of that. My personal opinion is that they should stay off margin and invest with a 5 year horizon. If a shorter time frame works out, great. If it doesn't, your sitting on your investment for awhile.

      • forgot to mention an important factor..this market is much different than in years past. Alot of money has left equities for bonds and sideline cash. so you are now currently much more leveraged to the mm and day and hold is dead for now...quick in and outs aka buy dips sell rips..for example if you bought HP the other day, or as i did FCX this mourning at 31ish , get a few free shares, keep them and get your principle long term horizons for now....hope this helps..good luck

    • I don't operate via margin. As far as stock prices go, (as barjon said) stocks prices fluctuate dramatically especially small caps like this. The best you can do is evaluate the company as best you can and wait out the storm. Am not sure i can help you much with your nerves but will try.
      The stock price is low because there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the stock. The solar division is getting hit from all sides (even the company itself). While hicz sounds great, it is likely canabolizing any current sales from solar. Why buy tech when gtats new innovation will make the old stuff obsolete. And, you can't simply revamp existing equipment; you need all new. This means cash. Meanwhile, many of gtats solar customers are Chinese solar. While many have complained about the US tariffs and Chinese retaliation, I don't think that is the big problem. Chinese solar is likely to go through a lot of consolidation and have quite a few bankruptcies. Long story even longer-old GTAT customers may not be able to get financing for new technology. This likely means that gtat needs new customers. These likely come from Saudi Arabia, Japan and south Korea from what I've heard. But, this equals uncertainty and the market hates that.

      I think sapphire holds a lot of promise, but that industry has some problems with oversupply as well. Regardless, a lot of gtats backlog is in this area and I think it will largely be retained.

      My belief is that gtat will ride out through this storm. New contracts for hicz will come from companies is Japan and Saudi Arabia. Should that happen the stock moves up as US/Chinese tariffs have a much smaller impact.

      Am not thrilled with the current situation with gtat. But, I can sit on this position for years. You sound like a rather small investor; I wouldn't do margin. It seems to me that that would limit your capability of holding a position and riding out the bumps. Best of luck to you.

    • Stocks will fluctuate, sometimes dramatically.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It could get worse, much worse. This management team UNDER Tom G. sold their stock prior to the earnings bombshell, and haven't invested one thin dime in buying one share at these so called bargain prices. So just remember, the carnage may not have even started.....just keeping it real. BTW, I feel for your financial losses, losses felt by many of us, except the XXXman who is hyping the stock at $3.11. When will the hype/hyperbole/hope end, and reality begin? Changes must be made in order to stop the slaughter in the stock price.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I was up 40k, now I am down 60k. Think how I feel.